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Pimp my mage out

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Hi all,


Been playing mage for awhile, but recently I've wanted to try my hand at actually being semi-good at mage.  Here are some recent logs of pugs and a guild run we did.  I'd like to stick with frost because I'm not geared really to do arcane, but you tell me: 






I'm 665 and frost.  I honestly feel I should be doing more than 22-24k DPS and it's gotta be something with my CDs or maybe my crappy trinket.  Who knows.  Just need some sage mage advice :P

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I'm a 656 frost mage... stuck a bit below where you are :D


I figured I'd take a look, just in case, though.


Looking at your Butcher fight... Looks like 11 seconds in you have 2 FoF procs but you start your elemental casting water jet.  This means FoF procs got wasted.


Make sure that you don't waste procs!

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