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demo stat blance

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follow icy-veins rotation but i'm  still cant build up dps fast or maintain it long  heres my in game stats currently








muliti strike-10.73%




no raid buff

mastery enchants 

1 mastery and 1 haste gem


but iv managed 9/10n BRF and 6/10H


any advice be appreciated

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heres  my rotation  I use demonbolt so u know , so rotation is precaste soul fire, both hands of guldan, apply corruption and doom then spam shadow bolt unless I got a molten core procs then I use soul fire,  keep dots from falling off and and us a charge of hand of guldan when the second charge is about ready when DF is full I got demon pop dark soul  spam demon bolt till I got 4 stacks then cast doom and a touch of chaos  to refresh dots then repeat the furry build up process and repeat

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Everyone thinks they're doing the rotation correctly. But in the moment of a fight, people slip (myself included). If you want in depth help, you will need to upload some logs. That being said, with the nerf to Demonbolt in 6.1, you may want to drop Demonbolt. Or if you stick with it, only cat 2 and use remaining fury on Soul Fire and ToC.

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