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Combat Singletarget higher with 2 Cleave Targets?

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Hi again,

i just calculated (in my head) and not sure if im right, is singletarget dps really higher when i got 2 cleave targets? I came up with at least 1k dps increase on my main target.


so i got 36640 dps without cleave from shadowcraft

i lose 4461 dps with blade flurry on on 0 cleave targets means im on 32179 dps

i gain 30975 on the 2 blade flurry targets there.

with 2 additional targets i gain 10% energyreg through venom rush.

so i figured that translates in about 8% additional dps when i subtract the autohits

im now with 8% more on the main target at 34753 dps



i have buffed 18.67% multistrike times 2 chances its 37.3% on a multistrike with 30% efficiency wich (im not sure) cleaves back to the main target. thats 37.3 x 0.3 which is imaginery 11.2% to trigger a 100% multistrike. Cleave is 35% efficiency so i guess its a (11.2x0.35)% which is 3.9% dps increase on the maintarget which is additional to the 34753 x 1.039 = 36108 dps so alone with multistrike i come really close to the singletarget dps.


Then we got Mastery and Poison proccs left and we need 532 more dps

Poison 21.2% at Maidens

Mastery 33.95% buffed

So i didnt calculate any further because im pretty sure i do more dps on my Main target with Blade Flurry enabled with 2 addidional adds

Well Shadowcraft might add the additional Maintarget dps in the overall dps so the dps of each cleave target might be a little lower, but for the main target i dont think its too much different

My Char: Silentine Blackrock EU


Am i right?

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On first look, I'm sure that the multistrike chance is slightly lower.


As far as I understand (statistics was always my least favourite branch of maths), the chance is not simply 2x 18.67%, but


1 - ((1 - 0.1867)^2) = 33.85%


You've taken into account the 10% more energy regen from Venom Rush, and added the extra DPS to the number from ShC, but the number from ShC already takes that into account.


It also takes into account multistrike chances, so you're effectively taking into account twice.



However, looking at the shadowcraft numbers, bearing in mind it's not a DPS simulator, so I don't know if it works out like this in reality...


With 3+ adds, the "DPS" increases by 14413.5 each time. So, if we assume that you're doing 14413.5 DPS to every add, you're doing 33295.3 DPS to the boss.


Still about 5k less than single-target without Blade Flurry on.


BF means 20% less energy regen. Venom Rush means 5% more per target, up to three targets.


With 3 targets, you've got 15% more from VR, but 20% less with BF, so overall you've got 5% less energy regen.


I can't see how you'd ever do more DPS on the main target when you have 5% less energy regen. 


I'm not sure how the energy regen numbers are calculated, so there might be some slight variation. e.g. if you have 15 regen, and lose 20%, you end up with 12. If you gain 15% (of 12), you'd be at 13.8, which is 8% less than the original 15. If the 15% you gain is a % of the original 15, then you'd be 5% lower as you'd expect. Which is how I think it actually works.


In any case, you have less energy regen with Blade Flurry on, regardless of how many targets you have. So you'll always have less boss DPS. You'll just be hitting more targets and doing more damage overall, which is the whole idea.

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Well true that the chance is 33.85% instead of my 37.3 but here is a thinking error, the 4% missing are proccs of proccs so proccs that procced of the first 18.67% chance of the 2 and it enhances the cleave greatly while singletarget its with 30% efficiency only 35% or so while with 3 targets it comes pretty close to the 37%. for multistrike its not much 30% effeiciency of 30% efficiency is 9% but for mastery ist 140% weapon damage of 140% weapon damage is 196% weapon damage for the 2nd procc. but nevermind, the 2nd part is the important one, because this doesnt seem to make a huge difference.


The other thing is when you cleave and multistrike/mastery proccs on the add i cleave to it proccs a bladeflurry back to the main target or am i wrong? Otherwise these immense numberspam when you bladeflurry+killing spree wouldnt be that sick allover the screen. Did nearly 300k dps on the first trash grp when you go from Beastmaster Darmac to Thogar, while in shadowcraft i need 18 targets for this numbers and it were maybe barely half of it. Then you also have to take into account that poison proccs of the extra attacks too. Its not just the Energyregen. Gets even more complicated because energyregen doesnt affect autohits. Well ofc haste does, but venom rush doesnt or blade flurry doesnt as well


If im wrong with the extra attacks cleaving back to the main target we still have the killing spree which is 6.5% of my singletarget dps but with 3 targets its higher too and now when i attack a different target the cleaving to the maintarget works.

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I'm not sure I completely follow everything here. I can't say if BF cleaves back to the main target, but I don't think so. Damage is only copied to targets in melee range, and BF won't copy damage from adds back to other adds, or the main target.


Multistrike damage will only proc on whichever target it procs on. If your have a boss and 2 targets, and multistrike procs on the BF damage on one add, the extra damage will only be applied to that one add.


DPS on trash isn't a reliable judge of "real" DPS. Shadowcraft isn't a DPS sim, so it won't be totally accurate, but it still assumes a longer fight, so it accounts for times when you won't have CDs ready.


On trash that dies quickly, the amount of time you spend using big CDs is relatively large, so your DPS will be larger.


I still believe that Shadowcraft takes into account all the Blade Flurry, poison, multistrike, etc. procs, so you can't add those back on to the number from Shadowcraft.

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