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Elemental and Mastery

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Hi, first time poster.

Iv been healing for most of WoD and have been stacking stats accordingly. Thus iv gotten a fair amount of mastery. So much that im currently looking at a 120% when i spec into elemental. From what iv figured, mastery really doesnt shine on single target encounters. Iv not done any sims or anything. I just have a few questions for more knowledgable elemental shamans.

1. How exaclty does the mastery work? Is it a chance on every piece of dmg i do to the target? Multistrikes, flameshocks, searing etc.

2. Some people claim its actually a dps gain to use earthquake on single target with enough mastery. Fact?

3. How does mastery value against the other stats on movement/aoe fights? Like iron maidens.

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