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2015 MSI Canada Dragon Cup

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MSI Canada is proud to announce its first online tournament

For the first time in Canada, MSI will hold an online tournament called the MSI Canada Dragon Cup. The tournament, co-sponsored by Memory Express, will feature the game Hearthstone and will be held on March 14 and 15, 2015.


·        Game: Hearthstone – Heroes of Warcraft

·        Open to North American players

·        Early rounds: Saturday March 14, 2015

·        Quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals: Sunday March 15, 2015

·        Single elimination, best-of-five

Tournament Prize

·        1st place: $500 cash* + MSINightblade B85 ($400 value) + Swag pack (Polo + backpack)

·        2nd place: R9 290X LIGHTNING LE X 1 ($600 value) + Swag pack (Polo + backpack)

·        3rd & 4th place: SteelSeries Kinzu Mouse + Swag pack (Polo + backpack)

·        Highest ranked Canadian player:

o   1st: Memory Express $550 gift card

o   2nd: Memory Express $300 gift card

o   3rd: Memory Express $150 gift card

Registration: (free to all NA players)

Bracket: Challonge

Stream: coL.noxious


Vod day 1


Vod day 2


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      This week's prize pool:
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      2nd place- $10 gift card
      3rd place- $5 gift card

      Registration will close at 6:00 CST each Wednesday night, with the tournament beginning at 7:00 CST. Again, these times are not set in stone quite yet and may be subject to change.

      When registering for the tournament you MUST make your battle tag your display name in bracket, such as "BattleTag#1234. All players who don't make their battle tag their display name WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE TOURNAMENT.

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