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Share your clcinfo setup for Balance.

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Hello friends, was just fiddling with my clcinfo setup a bit and wanted to share it, and was hoping some others would share their own so we could bounce some ideas around.


Really all mine does is move my balance bar, peak/empowerment buffs/stacks, cool downs, and dot timers to the middle of my screen, but it works for me. I also have 0 stellar flare support, but I don't ever use it!


Here is what it looks like:




Here's a pastebin link for the whole template if anyone is super down:



Hope to see some cool setups!

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I don't use clcinfo, but for the purpose of sharing different layouts, here is my setup which looks very similar




Just took a screenshot from my stream so it's a bit blurry.


Dots light up when they go below 30% of max duration. The bars in the middle are the Starsurge charges, each having an individual progress bar slowly filling up. A purple bar means 1 charge. 

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I'll add to layout settings with my own.


There's an aura for eclipse power, plus a bunch of TMW icons in the middle to track stuff.

CA/Inc icons work in two ways - they show CD when it's < 1 min or if I activate it - the icon shows how much time I've got left for my buff. In the middle of bottom line there's a spot for Stellar Flare. This is pretty much straightforward stuff I guess.

Also it's not in the screen shot, but I've got my castbar/gcd timer below eclipse power aura. And as you can see horns of my owlkin - all this stuff is in the middle of the screen.

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