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ok so since the update i have been playing with searing insanity and have noticed a few things which i find confusing.


Firstly when mind flay becomes insanity the symbol on the flay becomes the whirls and its clear its insanity. searing insanity doesnt have this which i think sucks.


Secondly im fiding that the 100% buff to searing doesnt always seem to work, so i cast DP then after its GC theres roughly 3.5 secs left so i cast searing and the damage being done to most of the enemies is the same as the normal damage amount without the buff. in fact on very rare occasions does the insanity version seem to do double the damage.


can anyone confirm that im not insane? am i missing something obvious?


just to confirm that if i cast searing it does about 5k damage to targets (not great) - so after mutiple LFR's of trying it out insanity seems to do 12k occasioanlly to all targets and 5k most of the time to most of the targets (excluding the occasional crit).

also when the insanity buff does run out the damage on the few times it is 12k drops straight away to 5k again.



im not the best at explaining myself i know and i apologise, but is anyone else finding insanity isnt performig quite as expected

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Make sure that there aren't any DoTs on your Searing Insanity target, as from what I remember that will not gain the mastery bonus, but the other targets could have it I think? (Could be wrong)

I noticed that the tooltip didnt change for Searing Insanity sad.png.


I wasn't aware of any hotfixes to stop Searing Insanity's damage when the ability wore off after casting it. Though I wouldn't doubt it, warriors get very upset when you come within 100k of their AOE dps.



Edit: Your targets just can't have SW:Pain or Vamp Touch. Either of those and it loses the 40% buff if you have Clarity of Power. If you don't have CoP then pay it no mind.

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