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Help with DPS/Rotation

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Been reading, first post.


Rotation is what I understand to be standard.

Create holy power

Use Holy power


Final Verdict

Crusader Strike/Judgement/Exorcism Until 3 (or more Holy power)

Final Verdict at 3 if no holy power generation available.

Repeat as needed






Of course there is a lot of moving around in this fight, but my DPS still seems low.


Thank you in Advance.

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Sorry for the lack of response, with BRF out and me joining a new guild I've been swamped, one of the biggest thing I see off the bat is that you used Hammer of the Righteous quite a few times. Unless the fight has a lot more than 2 targets, you should stick with Crusader strike and switching targets frequently to keep your Censure up on both targets. Don't have too much time right now to look into it but that's a big thing that will affect your dps.


Also on a two target fight make sure you only cast DS when you have FV buff.

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Missed an ES cast, HotR should not be used on anything less than 3~4 targets, missed a pot (and the one pot was real late, and not synced with anything). Everything else looks okay, though CS looks low; but that could just be artificial deflation due to use of HotR.

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