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Please help me improve combat

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This x pac is my first raiding since LK. Back than I played casters. I took my power level to try this rogue for something new and fresh. One of our tools we use to evaluate raiders is askmrrobot's addon. The thing that jumps out at me the most is I'm only at 50% efficiency for my gearlevel. Please help me fix this.


Below are my armory and links to logs and askmrrobot.


According to askmrrobots addon i am gemmed and enchanted and useing the best gear for my spec(combat).


My rotation is ambush<SnD<KS<AR<revealingS<SSto5combos<SnD<Evis rince repeat.


My spec I use deadly throw over readiness because I'm aloways on interupt duty and it is my backup interupt if i kick too early.


This is what I'm shooting to maintain. I dont know how to read the logs to say I'm doing the correct rotation 100% of the time. Please rip me apart and tell me how to improve.


Armory http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuluhed/Sumdum/simple



World of Logs http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-jxwyt4flu8drrma5/analyze/dd/source/?s=1907&e=2197


AskMrRobot log from 3/3/15 http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog/68ff7819-8efb-4721-a388-5d8eccb4dbd0/boss/hansgar-and-franzok/heroic#be=overview,c=12


Thank you for your time and input.



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Hello. Well I also have this "problem" about people saying that I have low dps with combat. And the worse part of this is that timing is much more important than at a lower Itemlevel. The reason for that is that you can put up much more sinister strikes than before with 23% haste. Meaning that you get Bandit's Guile "VERY" quickly. To compensate for this change, even just a bit.
I think it's best to switch the talent Venom Rush to Shadow Reflection. So that when you get Killing Spree u are also able to benefit from Bandit's Guile more often.

And I think Venom Rush is just a "cookie build" talent, which means it is for those who are gearing up because it is designed to give you more energy but I feel that with this much haste ( I have 23.36% haste unbuffed) that you are already getting much more than enough. Which may or will make it more benefit-able to use another talent instead for it! :)

But it was just an idea from me because I am in the same situation as you, although (weirdly enough) I struggle with pretty much the same dps with 663 Ilvl

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Shadow Reflection is not very good as Combat. We just don't have the hard hitting skills that work well with it.



Is there any chance you could upload your logs to Warcraft Logs, alot easier to read and evaluate.

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Edit for TL;DR vrsn:


- RvS to 99%+;

- SnD to 99%+;

- RvS then Evisc;

- KS should be near AR casts (1 diff);

- Evisc in DI - pool CPs for it;

- Use Vanish/Prep in a better and homogeneous fashion - and earlier;

- Single mistake on timing usage of AR before KS. Might be punctual tho, but try to avoid;

- Open from stealth and blow everything right off the bat (probably some rushy tank pulled and you weren't on stealth or misclicked - happens).




Too Long but Wanna Read version:




Okay, here's what I saw at your logs:


- Low uptime on Revealing Strike - it's a multitarget fight, but aim for 99%. A tip, pick a long-living target in the mob and keep RvS on it, with BF everything else will get hit with buffed Eviscs;


- SnD @ 90%. 99%+;


- RvS FIRST. You're losing way too much damage when you Evisc without RvS up. Switched targets? RvS. Ah, but CP capping? RvS anyway. 1 CP damage can't be compared to 35% dmg increase on finishers. Try to not waste CPs, but if necessary, blow that 1 CP. Better than slap a crappy Evisc;


- KS has 2 casts more than Adrenaline. Perhaps you can fit one more Adrenaline? Don't be afraid of blowing the CD, given that you'll have something to hit;


- Lacked Eviscerate usage in Deep insight, compared to other insights. Try pooling some CP for that? You should be able to fit at least 2 Eviscs inside each Deep;


- Really poor usage on Vanish and Preparation. It's on a 1min/5min CD, inside a 9 min fight. Given that, you can cast Vanish -at least- 9 times, plus 2 Prep resets (almost 3), totaling 11. You had 6 casts, using Vanishes back 2 back with Prep. Try spacing that evenly every minute, using Prep on 1st reset and trying to align Vanish on Moderate or Deep Insight (Preferably). If you're close reaching Deep Insight (like 2 GCDs or so), hold Vanish for that. Else don't wait too much on it, more usages = more DPS.


- You opened with Sinister Strike. You were on stealth? You messed up on that opener, but might've been something unhappy. Aim for blowing out a KS right away with your buffs up (SnD, RvS, and trinkets/procs) and energy starved (2 SS will already get you low enough). I'd suggest opening with the opener you suggested on the OP, but throwing those SS before KS. It's a multitarget moment? Turn your Blade Flurry and go to town. Else, proceed as said;


- KS first, Adrenaline Rush later. It's a single mistake, but once you casted Adrenaline Rush before KS after a good while AND used KS while Adrenaline Rush was active. You're wasting DPS like that. Avoid. Always use KS/AR back to back, always in that order (except on moments where the skill is cooling down by itself and you can't hit anything).


Although Combat is a frantic spec, play it slowly. Most of those mistakes were due to rushiness on fight - you tend to lose attention on those things and pay attention on others. Play slow, play at your pace. Once you get those things nailed down inside your muscle, you'll start playing reactive to things (energy procs, CDs up, positioning, etc) and you won't be committing those small errors that ends up dampening your performance.


Play slow, play smart. Hope you can improve beyond your expectations. =)


P.S.: Carrn, do ya thing.

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I dont know alot of the mechanics of BRF raids that well yet as I have been to busy with work to really get going with raiding on BRF but will go over some of the basic rotation issues:


Revealing Strike - Uptime 70.67%


This is far to low, it needs to be up and as close to 100% as possible. Literally applied with your 2nd GCD and then maintained throughout the fight.


Slice and Dice - Uptime 90.79%


Again this needs to be up to and as close to 100% as possible.


Killing Spree, Adrenaline Rush & Vanish needs to be used on CD


Over a 9 min 44 second kill you shoud be getting more usuages of each skill. For example you had almost a 2min duration near the start where from when you cast 1 KS till you casted another and with the reduced CD's caused by our passives then this should have been a shorter gap.


Again Vanish needs to be used on CD to weave in extra ambushes, you used your first vanish just after 3 mins into the fight.


Also try pooling CP for Deep Insight. I am normally sitting in my aniticipation stacks and only evis when i get to 9 CP's until I get red buff and spam 5 point evis's.


I also see that you have Mark of Bleeding Hollow on which is not optimal for Combat. You have the haste buff on one weapon and I would recomend the bleed enchant on the other weapon (name escapes me but I think it is shattered hand?)


I also dont see any agility potions being used at pull or during BL/Heroism.


Also your opener seems off as it looks like you were not in stealth at pull


In my opinion the open should look similar to the following:


Stealth > Pre-pot at 1 second > ShS/Sprint to boss if required > Ambush > RvS > SS > SnD > SS > SS > SS > KS > SS > AR and then continmue with normal rotations

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Doesn't matter, you covered few stuff I didn't look at.


More info is always welcome! =D


Edit: One additional advice: set up tracking addons. We have a thread with a lot of good stuff in there, check it out.

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Thank you guys for the great responses. I am going to be working hard this weekend incorporating this stuff for Mondays raid.


Normally we start the pull in stealth and prepotted. We had a crap pull at the end of the night and decided to go with it rather than spend the time resetting so we had no stealth, no prepot, and the wrong weapon since I was looking at gear. Hence the enchant being wrong.


Do you guys stack double haste enchant on your weapon? I am looking at some top rogues in warcraftlogs and they are all multistriked gem, and chanted which makes me question my enchants. I know that detail is minor compared to the others pointed out. I didn't realize my uptime was so poor.

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People gem MS because the stat is really close for both Sub (king stat) and Combat, so they don't have to switch equip often.


I think that 2 Haste enchants are good, but I'm not that good with numbers - so I'll leave that option to teh other guys.

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I run 1 haste enchant and Mark of the Shattered Hand on my OH, mainly because shadowcraft tells me its better than running double haste for combat.


As lip said, people running multistrike are running Sub for Single target and combat for any cleave fights.


I am currently just running combat as I have only just picked up a dagger that isnt a 5man drop so need to practise sub before I start regemming.enchanting for it, so therefore i am pure haste.

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