How to improve my Prot-Warrior

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after a long break in MoP I'm back to actively raiding and switched from my moonkin to my prot-warrior. I tanked a lot in heroic difficulty with my paladin back in wotlk. So this is not a complete new task for me.


I raid in a guild that is progressing on Blackhand HC and will go on in mythic after that. My guild is overall satisfied with my performance but I find it hard to say if I'm doing fine or if I totally suck. I would also like to do my best and improve my playing as much as I can. As a dps I know how to do that and I know how to use the logs, but as a tank I have a hard time doing that. So I would appreciate a little help with that. How good is my performance? Where/What are my big mistakes? What can I do to improve?


My Char:


I switched some gear after the logs. I had the following items equipped when doing the logs:


I switched EAE for the Badge


My Logs:



Items I have in stock:

plus those i switched yesterday night


let me know if you need any further information


many thanks for the help smile.png

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