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demo imbalance stats or play wrong?

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hello guys

since wod i'm mostly playing demo after played destro for long time

i think i'm doing pretty well playing demo, yet i have feeling that my stats

are wrong and pulls me under then what i should be

recent gear upgrades came to that i have too much crit and low haste

in some fights i pull sustain dps of 32k~ like dps

but in some i'm dropping to 26k


here is my armory



and recent log



are my stat still viable to play demo or should i consider changing to destro

because of lots of crit 


thanks in advance :)

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I'll go ahead and tell you the first thing any other log analyst here would: please use WarcraftLogs. WorldofLogs has been considered dead for some time now.

Secondly, I have considerably more crit than mastery on my gear as well, but I still tend to do better with Demo. On the other hand, barring huge gaps in damage potential, people typically do better with a play style that they are more comfortable with. If you are much more skilled with Destro, I'd recommend giving Destro Charred Remains/Grimoire of Sacrifice a try.

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GoSac/CR has apparently been seriously underperforming Demo and Afflicton. Individual results may vary, but Liquidsteel posted logs from Gruul showing GoSac/CR several thousand DPS behind Demo with DS/GoServ and Affliction with SB:H. And that I'd just Gruul. Crit is ok for Demo. Not as good as Haste at high gear levels, but no stat other than maybe Versatility is bad for locks.

If he is struggling with his DPS, his problems are probably mechanical, not stat related.

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Exactly. If he's better at destro mechanics, he will probably do better with destro. That's not to say he shouldn't try to get better at demo, since nearly every top 200 warlock parse is demo (for mythic Gruul I believe 1 is destro, and it's about 6k behind Liquid's demo).

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