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Very low HPS, Mana lost very fast. Please help - Holy Priest Ilvl 649

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Hi, I would like serious help with my Holy Priest.


I lose mana very fast and do low HPS. I don't know why because I am Ilvl 649 so I should be doing okay healing and mana shouldn't be going out like a match.


In raids, I do raids I dend to do both raid healing and tank healing. Maybe I should be focusing more on raiding healing instead of both.


Please help with tips and suggestions, thanks.




Wowarmory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blades-edge/Pasteur/advanced


Warcraftlogs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/3425309/6/#boss=0


Have a good one and thanks for the help!



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It being LFR, it is harder to get a good grip on the issue from the logs, but basically...your CD's are overhealing, which is really easy to do in LFR.  I would cast renew more, and prayer of healing less.  Especially if you're having mana issues, prayer devours mana and doesn't give enough back (especially when 50% of it is overhealed).  When you do cast prayer of healing, make sure the group that you are hitting has at least 3 members that will receive its full benefits...and honestly, I wouldn't do it unless all 5 will.  Keep renew up on targets you know will take damage (tanks, that one guy whose feet have a few burn scars, people handling mechanics) and pre-hot as many as you can before a raidwide hit.  


The 3 target rule applies to Circle as well, except it reaps a lot of value (and its really easy to snipe top offs if you want to improve HPS =P).  I try to cast Circle nearly on CD, but it can become mana consumptive if you're running Sanctuary.


Have you attempted to do normal highmaul? I honestly think you'll find more success as far as HPS goes there.  


To conserve mana, you can take Solace to get more mana if you use it on CD, but mindbender is acceptable as well (especially with the increase to its duration).  Make sure you milk your mana regen ability as much as possible, as its our only one (RIP Hope).  Cast mindbender near the start of the fight, around when you expect your throughput to exceed your mana regen threshold, and on CD afterwards.  


Lastly, especially in Highmaul, I found Channeled Mana Potions to work wonders.  There is ample situations where your raid team can afford 10 seconds of downtime from 1 healer.  In BRF, I've found that floor fire is more of a problem, and fights (like Blast Furnace) don't give you that 10 second down time.  

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Generally agree with Basuei on all points.


Don't worry too much about HPS on LFR fights, in general there is very little damage going around, and it's usually very easily handled by Disc meter-eaters, making actual numbers a bit skewed.


For your logs though, it's interesting to see that you stay in the 80+ percentiles. That means that for those fights, you're doing better than 80% of the priests of same spec doing the fight. I wouldn't call that underperforming, eh?


As for mana issues, as Basuei said, mana CD cast on CD (whether mindbender or solace) and mostly managing your cast to maximize healing per mana.


Try out some normals, it'll give you a better feel for the raiding gameplay!

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