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So my guild finally downed Sha of Fear but i really feel that i have no survivability as a tank. I don't know if that's just how the fight is or if i am somehow reforged/gemmed wrong but I had to use every CD i had pretty much whenever they were off cooldown and for a good portion of the fight i was almost dead lol. Obviously this is only when I'm currently tanking. The other tank is a bear and it really didn't look like she was having the survivability issues that i seem to be having. I'll post up my armory and also the WOL of tonights raid. If anyone has any advice, feel free to let me know.




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I don't know if these logs are properly displaying things, but it appears you aren't using your cooldowns that much. For example, I don't see you having used Vampiric Blood or Anti-Magic Shell a single time in your kill attempt or your longest wipe. You use Dancing Rune Weapon far too rarely, and the same goes for Icebound Fortitude.

I looked at other DK logs and it doesn't seem to be a glitch, as they have as much as 7 uses of these abilities during this fight, displaying on their logs.

Your armory looks solid, so I think it is more a case of actually using all the cooldowns in your arsenal. Because you have so many of them, you are quite squishy if you don't make use of them.

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