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Requesting help with my dps (Grull, Flamebender)

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Hello everyone,




For grull and flamebender, I'm dissatisfied with my rankings.  I average 80th percentile, but for these fights I'm only in 50th.  I suspect my single target dps is weak.  If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears =)



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Hey, hope I can help :)

Now, for Gruul, I'm not really sure how to help with that since I also sometimes struggle with trying to do well there.  It seems quite a bit random and just hoping that RNG is on your side as an spriest in my opiniong.  I've finished anywhere between 35k and 32k. here are my logs on the fight https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/977358/7/#boss=1691

I just havent ever really felt comfortable on a Gruul pull at all.  My guild is currently working on mythic Gruul and it feels the exact way, very RNG dependent :/ 

For Flamebender, comparing your log to mine of a kill that lasted just as long as yours, it seems that you're doing pretty reasonably for the kill time.  For me, I was 3k dps above you at the end of the fight, but I was also 682 ilvl at the time.  I feel that once your kill time drops by about 70-80 seconds or so, you'll see a good increase to your dps, as well as picking up the 4set.  Maybe someone better can analyze/compare logs and see what's going on.  I can throw you my logs for comparison if you'd like to look at them, maybe you're better at reading logs than I am haha.  They'll be down below


I hope they help and I wish I could help you more, but from my perspective you look like you're doing pretty well already, just change out that weapon enchant, get 4set, lower kill times, and get the +50 CRIT gems, imo at least b/c crit ~= multistrike but also benefits AS much more so imo crit >> multistrike haha. Good luck, hope this helped and if you need any more help feel free to shoot me a message or whatever man!

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Maybe some minor things to push it even further:

  • Agreeing with Fisperne, change that weapon enchant for either crit or mastery (I still like mastery a lot, I tend to be able to find the little spots to go full turret mode) as shattered hand in providing very little in damage done (147.9k damage, that's 10 solace casts for me as Disc!)
  • Settle for either crit or ms in your gems and enchants (and no cheaping out, get the big ones!)

Issues in the log for Flamebender

  • 6/13ish Halo casts
  • Cast some mind flays (not that big an issue, but still a couple gcds lost there)

Probably mostly RNG making it best dps situation in this case, I see you got targeted with a lot of stuff from boss, only thing missing is getting fixated, I think :P


Issues in the log for Gruul

  • 5/9ish Halo casts
  • Mind Flay again (is this just filler not to clip after dot-weaving?)
  • For some reason, SW:P casts =/= VT casts

Also a very RNG-based performance in this fight.


Mostly I'd say ranking a bit skewed at the moment because many high rank players are quite more geared than you are (talking top 100 >687~ which is 10 ilvl above yours), also, it seems on this fight that the prevalence of the new AS meta is pushing big numbers, I guess because the wolves stay alive for a while, making for big dots and lots of spirits spawning.


It seems like it would be interesting to look into trying the AS gameplay soon, if you're really interested in ranking high, that seems to be interesting to try out.


That's it, in general RNG fights seem to be against you doing well, you get targeted by quite a lot of stuff, haha. Mostly it's getting your gear up and learning those fights until you can do them in your sleep. Then you'll see crazy numbers on the rankings! :)

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Thanks for the in depth!  You're right, I should be casting Halo more.  I never really thought about that, but I'll make it a point to do that this weekend. 


I love Auspicious Spirits =) I'll give it a shot on flamebender .  I'm surprised the dogs stay alive long enough to, apparently, make ti worth while. 

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I'm not really sure if AS is worth it on heroic flamebender, although I haven't tried it so I could be wrong idk.  And idk what most people do on heroic flamebender.  I know for mythic flamebender AS is much more beneficial because 5 dogs spawn instead of just 2.  Just my thoughts on that.  Let me know how AS works on heroic though if you test it before me! would love to get some opinions on it! Good luck on clearing!

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