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[Resto] Help with healing Heroic raids.

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No spirit on back [granted bis stats so debatable]

No spirit ring [worst stats]

no regen trinket [both random proc crit/haste]


not sure if its through choice, or you just chucked on the highest ilvl gear you could get, but bar the back even lower ilvl gear would be better


I only looked at gruul fight


1/5 Ironbark

1/5 Barkskin

0/2 ITOL

2/5 NS

0/2 Tranq

35% lifebloom uptime [should be 95+]

84% harmony uptime [should be 95+]

62% overheal on rejuv & 73% overheal on wild growth

0 mana potion used

spent 2mins almost fully oom

12 clearcasting procs, and your 2 ns [with 2 piece set] is 12 free regrowths and 6 free ht/rg: you only use 1x HT & 8x RG


With 100% on Lifebloom and 5x ns you would have been looking at close to 40 free regrowths

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