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Hi everyone, 


I'm planning on playing a resto shaman and was wondering about which heirloom pieces I should be going for. I heard mixed things about getting either the healing cloth set or using the mail pieces. Any suggestions on which ones to get?

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Hello, bassae.

I think that this topic is very helpful (sorry for linking in this way, I'm writing from phone)

Don't look at the date - the guide is updated for 6.1.

Regarding your concerns: you heard mixed things about resto hearlooms because there weren't mail Int pieces for every slot for years, so people were using cloth or leather instead.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter what you are using while leveling if it's still something with Int. The gear numbers vs PvE environment are not perfectly tuned until last levels and the end game. The main purpose of heirlooms is to make your leveling fast and smooth, any type of heirloom gear that you can wear - cloth, leather, mail - does it.

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