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Explanation of CM spec choice

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This might be a dumb question, but when I see video's of warlocks doing CM's, they usually seem to be destro.

I had always thought demo with Cata, Darksoul talent and grim:service would be the better choice now cause of the chaos wave/HoG, felguard spin and extra felguard spin on the adds. Add packs don't seem to be big enough to keep fire&brimstone going since the RoF nerf.

But I have barely touched destro since WoD (never liked the spec much) and I might be missing something.


Can anyone tell me why destro would be a better choice for CM's or whether demo might still compete cause of the burst aoe dmg?

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Demo has zero on-demand damage outside of Cata and Chaos Wave. TOC doesn't do shit, hellfire/immo aura don't do shit. When you're chain-pulling an entire instance, the shadowburn/chaos bolt/havoc burst and cleave are generally considered superior. However, Demo does have significant burst AOE and is definitely viable.


Destro has been and is much more popular, but a lot of that was when Demo was trash. Demo is fine if you're not comfortable with Destro. 

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