Arcane Wrath Weak Aura

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Looking for a weakaura that will show me the distance I am from targets with the Arcane wrath debuff similar to the Mark of Chaos weakaura. I've tried searching google but all I could find were weakauras that announced in /say what the range is which doesn't really help me. I've also tried modifying the Mark of Chaos weak aura spellid's to be the Branded spell id's instead but it doesn't show the distance. 

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I am sure someone with better coding skills could make a more simple solution, but this should work. 


Make a text weakaura with the trigger:




Branded: Fortification


Branded: Displacement


Branded: Replication


Unit: Specific Unit


Specific Unit: raid1


Aura Type: Debuff



Then go to display. Under Text enter "%c". Use the following custom code:



    local distanceSquared = select(1,UnitDistanceSquared("raid1"))
    local distance = distanceSquared^(0.5)
    local name = UnitName("raid1")
    return name .. (": ") .. distance .. (" yards")



Now duplicate this weakaura for as many raidmembers you have, replacing raid1 with raid2 etc in both the custom text and the trigger information.

Put all these weakauras in a dynamic group. When the brand(s) appear, you should see a text saying something like: "Patrick: 38 yards"

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