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Hey guys, 


Its been happening for quite some time, I've been through and comparing countless logs & guides.

I believe i'm doing my rotation and aligning of cds right. I'm at my wits end in regards to my dps.



Current trinkets are the best i can get my hands on at the moment. My opener macro is used with scabbard and the other trinket after the on-use CD is over.




Last Night's Blackhand(H) kill :

i was consistently low 25k+ throughout the attempts. i must be doing something really wrong....


Heroic Clear :

Wasn't using the proper talents for Grull and Oregorger.


Feedback would be very much appreciated. smile.png

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On the Blackhand fight I would advice you to use Anger Management, as it makes your Avatar and Recklessness more usable for this fight, i am 681 ilvl and keep it around 30k+ untill the execute phase were I peak aroundt 33k+ endfight. The main problem for warriors here is all the movement, so make sure you use charges right and dont waste heroic leap on short distances :p 

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bb and am is very nice in this fight


for p2 glyph of rude interruption for the Iron Soldiers optionaly glyph of victory rush for p2(circle) and Enraged Regeneration for p3


so nice gear..no alternative for scabbard? in p3 scabbard definite nice when you and your raid playss p3 relaxed:-)


do you use your cd p3 instant or in execute time..the timeline p3 looks strange..and berserk. rage looks also strange in p3:-)


keep cool..charge boss and 30k come in...20-25k are ok until p3..and then find the berserker yourself

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