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Disc Priest Stat Priority Change (Haste>Multistrike)

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I noticed that there was a very recent change to the disc priest stat priority but haven't seen any explanation for it or an entry in the changelog. Previous to the most recent change I believe it was:


Intellect>Mastery>Multistrike=Critical Strike>Haste>Versatility


Now it is:


Intellect>Mastery>Critical Strike>Haste>Multistrike>Versatility


I have ideas why but hopefully someone could confirm for me smile.png





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I asked around and spoke w/ Naer from H2P and Haste is only relevant if you are just barfing mana at the end of fights. It will lower your GCD and allow you to spam more PWS.  There is a Mindbender quality to it as well, but only on short fight.  If you combine your Mindbender w/ a Haste trink proc or on use and get upwards of 18% or so, again on short fights, it will negate the need to watch your Solace CD. Giving you that extra GCD for a PWS.  Substituting MB for Solace and not losing any mana returns.


I still recommend:



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is MB not the better option now since the 6.1 buff?

A good option? Yes. A valid option? Perhaps. The better? Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh I wouldn't say so.


For a disc priest, without the 2-set from T17, you need to cast 2-3 smites every 30 seconds (to build up evangelism) if you use PW:Solace on CD, in order to always have Archangel up when the CD comes up.


With Mindbender, you lose the extra free evangelism stacks, while not necessarily gaining extra mana back if you're good at keeping up with Solace's CD.


Funny thing as well, even though you're saving up a few GCDs using Mindbender every minute, you'll end up filling those GCDs with smites to cover up the missing evangelism stacks!


In my opinion, Solace still feels like it flows better with the spec. Whether or not you feel more comfortable with it is your call!

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One thing I've found that's been working very well is using the 2 set,I can 2x offenaive pennance and 1 holy fire and have my stacks waiting for AA to come off cool down. Then I take 2 regen trinkets (especially if it's large aoe encounter) and mind bender. Right now I have a mythic autoclave and a heroic chew toy and I try to mind bender when the sanitizing stacks are high and at the end of PI. I don't value haste over MS, but it makes it nicer to keep pumping out a ton of pws.

That's just for me, though. Maybe I'll change a few things up as we keep progressing, but right now it seems to be working.

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