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Hi there, hoping some people a lot more knowlegeable about the game can help me out.


I started playing just at the end of MoP and only have the one character really which is a fury warrior but theres obviously a lot i still dont understand.


I seem to do fine in normal raids but really find it difficult in Heroic, always coming at the bottom of the dps tables and quite often getting kicked because of it.


Ive tried reading through a bunch of guides and i dont know if its just unfamiliarity with the game and the mechanics but I cant seem to follow exactly whats being said.


Is anyone able to have a quick scan over my logs to see if anything jumps out as being totally wrong or the likes?


Thankyou very much!


My armoury:



Mr Robot Logs


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Okay hmm

To Start off you should be getting yourself Draenic Strenght Potions.

Take one a secound before pull, charge in and get out all your Cooldowns (except bladestorm), if you are a litte unshure bout enrage bein up in this time Press enrage as you charged in. This may give you a litte more Dps at the start.

I for Myself use a Macro like this to manage it.

but be shure to first use your lv 100 Talent skill, as ravager benefits from all buffs even if cast Before them.

/cast Enrage

/cast Bloodbath

/cast Avatar

/cast Recklessness

/cast Dragons Roar

/cast Storm Bolt


one other thing is that you should look at your engrage uptimes, if you fall of Enrage and Bloodthirst isnt available in the next gcd use the enrage button when it is not on cd. This may take you to uptimes on enrage of like 90 to 100% (check your Buffuptimes of enrage in skada). Try tracking the Sudden Death Procs and execute via an addon like weak auras. It makes Life much easier for many people. 

Hope this Helps

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Dont know why im not showing up as I can see me when i open them up.


Thanks for the help though, it at least gives me something to look into. Cheers!

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