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4 pc Prot; Worth It?

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My question is this: Although, our 2 pc from our set is exceptional, is the 4 pc really necessary pre-Mythic BRF? My question also allows Mythic Highmaul gear to be included. Basically, is the stat distribution from the +5 item levels of Highmaul gear preferable to the 5% extra block value while shield block is active?

I was thinking something like this (I like a more offensive type take build. So, Crit):

Helm: Casque of the Iron Bomber
Neck: Collar of Wailing Mouths
Shoulders: Uncrushable Shoulderplates
Cloak: Fireproof Greatcloak
Chest: Blackhand's Chestguard
Bracers: Bracers of Mirrored Flame
Gloves: Gauntlets of the Heavy Hand
Belt: Fleshchewer Greatbelt
Legs: Blackhand's Legguards
Boots: Mosscrusher Sabatons
Ring 1: Eye of Tectus
Ring 2: Legendary Ring Crap
Trinket 1: Blast Furnace Door
Trinket 2: Pol's Blinded Eye
Weapon: Butcher's Bloody Cleaver
Shield: Kromog's Protecting Palm

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If the off pieces you have are ideally optimized (crit/mast), then the 5 ilvls will dominate the 5% extra block value. If they are not, the block value will win.

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