WoW's "Attributes" vs IV's Priority Stats

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My Ret Pally is a new character for me, but when I look at my profile, the attributes which are listed seem worthless when one sees what is written here. In my opinion, this really can hurt (read "confuse") a new player and I'm wondering why Blizz won't list them like they're needed?



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When you say "look at your profile," what are you referring to? The character sheet in-game and the Armory are generically formatted to accommodate all classes and specs. All the stats are available, either listed in groups of similar stats (primary, secondary, amalgamated offense, amalgamated defense), or with grouped tabs (offense vs defense on the Armory). All the information is available, and this is true of every class and spec, not just Ret.

Any other place (guides, etc) probably list in priority order instead of the Blizzard fixed order. This facilitates ranking stats specific to class/spec/build, but obviously doesn't comply with Blizzard's layout. It is up to you, the player, to translate the data.

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