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Movement Speed Gear

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Hey guys, I've been trying to find the formula for movement speed increase from the speed tertiary stat. Sadly, I only have 4 items with speed on them (2 of which are the same number) so it means I have very little data points.


Would you guys be able to post some data points for me? The way to get the data I need is to equip/unequip your speed gear in every combination (or as many as you want). For each combination, you want to mouse over the "Movement Speed: ###%" part, so that you can see the 4th line "Speed: ## (#.##%)"


My data points:

54    (2.01%)

57    (2.11%)

108  (3.76%)

111   (3.85%)

152  (5.03%)

165  (5.38%)

206  (6.42%)

209  (6.49%)

260  (7.65%)

263  (7.72%)

317  (8.82%)


I'd love for some more data, so please post what you can!

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These data points seem off.


Kinda tired but all my math from those points sugests you have some base speed going on


edit: if you assume 1% base run speed it points work

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No these are all entirely from your tertiary stat. It isn't scaled by any other speed when you mouse over the stat in your character sheet, just like when you compare haste or crit to find their values.


I came up with a formula that seems to fit it:


-290 / (0.01379x+10) + 29, which suggests the speed cap from the tertiary stat is 29%.

Since you can probably only get 2500 with mythic warforged speed gear from BRF, the real cap is ~22%


I'd need much larger data points to test the scaling of it all.

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So, I plugged these numbers into an excel spreadsheet and got a nice 2nd degree polynomial that just about fit it perfectly.  Then I added my data.


My data:

86 speed rating = 3.08% move speed increase

99 rating = 3.48%

185 rating = 5.90%


So far ax^2 + bx + c still fits fairly well.

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I don't believe it will be, since that will mean eventually as you get stats your speed % will start going down, and eventually be negative.

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