Best Food for a Destruction Warlock???

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I've got an ilvl 646 Destruction Warlock.  Ivy-Veins says that it's stats in decending order are:  Intellect, Mastery, Critical Strike, Haste, Multistrike, Versatility.  Ask Mr. Robot emphasizes gear/weapon enchants for Mastery.  When I eat Savage Feast or Feast of the Waters which Blizzard describes as "gainning 75 in your attuned stat", I get a 75 unit increase in Critical Strike.  My Crit goes from 14.39% to 15.18% while my Mastery remains at 52.58%.  Do other Warlocks have the same thing happening to them? 

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Your attuned stat is whichever you get 5% (for most classes at least) more of from your gear.  For desto locks you have spell_fire_flameshock.jpgDevastation, which is 15% more crit from all sources and is thus your attunement.

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So I when questing I ought to be eating Blackrock Barbeque (100 Critical Strike) instead of Sleeper Surprise (100 Mastery).  Is that correct? 

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At a guess I'd say you still have more Crit then the food buff gives you crit.

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