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[MW] T17 and how we stack up. Weight in. Opinions/experience wanted.

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Hi there,


So...I am curious if other MWs experience this, but it feels like there are certain fights that we do VERY well on, and other that the spec falls behind. Now, I dont personally know a lot of MWs, so Im not sure if these descrepancies are on my shoulders...or if this is noticed by other players, so I thought I would ask.


This could also be comp dependent, but I feel our comp is not unlike many others at the moment.


Gruul. I am always @the bottom. It is because of how damage is thrown out? Disc seems to rule this fight, bubbles before inferno? I am consistently on the bottom though, I feel like the time it takes for me to cast my uplift, every one is topped and I just overheal.


Ore: I usually place 1st or 2nd here. I cheese the fight a little, Ill admit. I know how my mana use is, and when the group has to move, I always pop RJW to eat any fire damage. Its a boss heal. I keep RM and uplift going through torrent. Pretty much dominance.


Beastlord: Also top on this one...maybe the way raid wide dmg goes out if people arent watching their range to others? And tramples, I get to shine.


Operator: I tend to have camera issues on this, and this week did not do so well, poor sample pool on my part.


Maidens: This fight I feel I could improve and think my through put is due to my fight knowledge. Ive only done this a couple times, so when bombs go out, I feel like my healing output is near zero...on our last kill I was 4th. This could be a confidence issue...I dont want to die to bombs so im always super focused.


hanz franz: This week i was on the low side also. movement? Im not sure. How do the rest of you stack up on this?


Flamebender: This week I did poor, but last week I was top. Not sure what the issue was. This week I felt very oom.


Kromog: I do well on this fight also...I know that we tend to do better as raid healers, and there is no shortage of raid damage...so im guessing thats why I excel on this one.


Furnace: I do very well. A lot of raid dmg...so I feel my spec gets maximum potential here.


Blackhand: For those of you that have done this...let me know if im off base. On our first clear of this...I felt really underwhelmed in p1 and most of p2. I didnt climb the meters until p3. So...when my guild went in last night...I was benched for poor heals in p1...i feel like there isnt much to heal...renewing is up...uplift spam feels like nothing but Overhealing.





Can some experienced MWs weigh in on how they are doing in BRF? Im curious if the fights im doing poorly in is because of how the damage goes out...or if its me needing to know when to prepare for certain mechanics/transitions.


This is also my first xpac healing in a pve environment...so healer discussion at this point is important to me. I pick the brain of a lot of people right now, different classes and specs...to get more insight in general into this world that I currently know little about.


Any insight, thoughts and advice would be lovely.

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I think they're solid on just about every fight. You could say they felt weak on Iron Maidens or Flamebinder but then again on maiden all you do is fistweave to 20% while the other healers do nothing. And on flamebinder you can easily do 20-30k dps and 30-40k HPS without leaving crane. So while you're bottom of the healing meter on both fights (perhaps) you're far more useful in your raid spot than any other healer.


And of course any fight with big aoe they are awesome. I suppose if you look at the raid healing healers Shamman/Druid/Monk/Hpriest. Monk is probably below shamman but perhaps better than druid or Hpriest.


Pala/Discs are mandatory so why compare.

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