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Copelands Clarity

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Hey guys, just wanted to know if this trinket is viable for an Ele Shammy or not considering the cost.

The guide here saids crit is better for aoe so I guess it would work well with Chain Lightning and Earthquake but would it be solid on a single boss fight as well.

I'am thinking a macro with Lava Bust would work well.


Also I have a Sandmans Pouch, I dont have Inscription so I have to buy the tarot cards to upgrade it.

Instead of using Inferno Tarot can I use Ensorcelled Tarot instead?

The same would go for Molten Tarot/Greater Ensorcelled Tarot correct?


I know its a crit trinket as well but it was a lot cheaper than Copelands.


Thanks for any help smile.png

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whether it's 'worth it' depends on what the alternatives are


the price difference between a copelands and a 4/4 inscription trinket is likely not that large by the time you upgrade all the way

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I wanted to point out that there is a +5 ilevel to stage 4 draenor crafted gear. You may wish to consider that as well. 


Blue post hotfix: 


To ensure that defeating new bosses feels appropriately rewarding, we are increasing the item levels of Blackrock Foundry raid drops by 5 item levels across all difficulties. Additionally, Stage-4 Draenor crafted and Tier-4 Apexis vendor gear have also been increased by 5 item levels to keep their power unchanged relative to Blackrock Foundry raid itemization.

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Okay, so, pouch vs. Clarity.

Pouch static Int, crit proc. Clarity static crit, sp on use.

Even single target, crit isn't useless, as it creates an additional multistrike opportunity for Lava Burst now.

Basically, Pouch is good if you're using a sustained style, and can occasionally take advantage of the proc Windows. In these circumstances, you may find yourself delaying CDs and burst for proc.

Clarity is great for stacking CDs, since it has a similar CD and is controllable. Stacking leads to multiplicitive gains, can pack QUITE a punch.

Comes down to playstyle, really. Enjoy your options.

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