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Destro stat priority.

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Current destro PvE guides seem to suggest that my top stat should be mastery, whereas previously guides suggested it was crit.  In my own testing with simcraft, updated for 6.1, for my current gear my top stat still seems to be crit.  If I try to change enchants to mastery and update my talents as suggested, my DPS in the sim goes down by about 1k.


Is there something I am missing, perhaps, or is it simply that given my gear crit is still the better stat?  I'm certainly no simcraft master, but I think I've updated the script correctly.




My sim results for my active spec:



My sim results, replacing my crit enchants for mastery enchants, and changing my talents to use Grimoire of Sacrifice and Charred Remains:



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The something that you are missing is that you are assuming sims = real world scenarios. This is rarely if ever the case, especially for Warlocks, who have a lot of interaction with additional targets that Single Target sims struggle to model correctly.


Look at the fights in BRF, then think about what simcraft is modelling.


How many fights are 7 minutes of stand still + hit the boss? The answer is not many. Only Gruul comes to mind as a pure ST encounter, the rest all have periods of 2+ target cleave, AoE, and Shadowburn heaven.


This shifts a greater portion of your damage to ember consumers, which benefit FAR more from Mastery than they do from Crit.


Once you spec into CR+GoSac it becomes a total no brainer.


TL;DR - Crit is best for Demonic Servitude build on pure Single Target, Mastery is best in every other situation. Mastery wins by TKO.

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