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Struggling to Improve

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Hey folks,


Long time reader; first time posting. I'm currently alternating between heals and DPS in my raid, but I'd like to really try to improve my DPS game. Here's my armory link:




Here's a recent log:




(Hope I posted this correctly)


So, Ii'm having trouble improving my damage on Gruul. Our raid is struggling a bit with damage, and I'm hoping to at least improve myself instead of coming down on our lowest performers. I'm seeing a fair number of folks using Twist of Fate instead of Power Infusion, and was wondering what people thought of that. Also, if anyone can point out any glaring flaws in my approach or suggest any improvements.


Thanks to anyone who takes a look at this, and if I'm posting incorrectly please let me know so I can fix.


Thanks again!

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Alright looking through this let me just start by saying: welp it seems like your dps is already pretty nice, at least for normal Gruul.


First off, I see your dual-spec is Disc, so your mastery enchants are good. If you do get off-pieces only for your shadow spec, consider investing in crit enchants. With the movement-heavy fights in BRF, crit gets you more value for your money, and lets you play with the possibility of doing some fights with a different talent configuration (using Auspicious Spirits for aoe-heavier fights). Having a second weapon towards that goal is interesting as well.


Second thing, I notice you're using a dot-less CoP rotation, maybe consider trying dot-weaving in there (it takes some practice, but it's a nice dps gain). Basically,

  • Mind Spike spam, Mind Blast on CD up to 4 Shadow Orbs;
  • 1 Mind Spike, Vampiric Touch, Shadow Word: Pain;
  • Mind Blast;
  • Devouring Plague;
  • Mind Flay (Insanity buffed) for 2 global cooldowns;
  • Mind Blast (when it comes off CD);
  • Devouring Plague;
  • Mind Flay (Insanity buffed) for (I think) 4 global cooldowns (or until dots tick off);
  • Rinse, repeat for luscious brown curls maximum dps!


With this, you should see a nice increase in your dps. Again, if your raid is having trouble with damage on normal Gruul, and you're that high in the charts, you don't look like you're the problem, especially with an off-spec.

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Thanks so much for the advice! I tried out the DoT weaving last night with the suggested weave on Icy-Veins. I think I have it down to a point where I'll try it on tonight's raid. I was doing 18.5k on the target dummy with no buffs at all and no cooldown usage.

Thanks for the compliment on the DPS, by the way. I'm trying to improve mine to get a higher comparative ranking, as I don't really like comparing myself to my raid. We have a lot of people who raid for fun instead of success, so I try not to come down hard on them for having low numbers. It's easier for me to work to improve myself than it is to convince someone to improve themselves.

Again, thanks so much for the suggestions!

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