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Arms warrior DPS troubles!

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First things first, the armory:    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormreaver/Lontaris/simple


Logs for a few nights:






I've been coming across this problem where my dps is utterly abyssmal! I'm usually the lowest, and testing on training dummies makes it balance out around 15k after the starting burst of around 40k.


I've been searching around the net for nice builds or talents, such as Icy Veins, and find that I generally follow the highest damaging talents, with possibly some slight deviation on Anger Management over Ravager or Siegebreaker.


My usual rotation is keeping CS,TC, and MS on cooldown, along with any procs I might get from SD, refreshing Rend when 5 seconds or under are left, and polishing it off with WWs if I've got too much rage (which I find to be very frequent. Sometimes generating faster than I can spend with WW spam!). Pols Eye, Avatar, and Recklessness are macro'd together for quick burst DPS.


I prioritize Haste, Crit, and Mastery.


Anyone have any ideas on what could be keeping me back on the damage, or potential ways to boost it?

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Looks like you need more crit, 14% is pretty low aim for 30%. I'm around 20% and pulling ok numbers.


Thanks for responding!

I guess missing Crit enchants can really take a sizeable bite out of DPS. I'll pour as much as I can into crit and run some numbers, when I next get the chance.

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Good morning!


I'd like to take some time and go over your request. I may be a bit "back and forth" so, up front, I apologize and hope you're able to follow my thought process here.


The first thing I'm going to cover is your armory. Yes I know you provided it but the link I provided is the advanced view (preferred view, personally). The very first thing that jumps out at me - you have nothing enchanted. That's a problem. Your DPS / Damage Done will obviously suffer because of this. You're missing 275 Crit from possible enchants.


The next thing is I'm going to say is your talent choices may be hindering your best possible output. SimulationCraft would be able to determine which is better for you, specifically, but generally speaking you'll want these talents and glyphs. You'll notice that some are not chosen - these are choices you can make on personal preference or better results based on your specific gear.


Speaking of SimulationCraft, I want to give an insight to where you potentially could be at as far as DPS goes. Keep in mind this is a calculated result of perfection; I'd venture to say nobody is perfect, lol.


With some generic settings (1,000 iterations, low latency, 1 target, patchwerk style) your sim'd results come to 23,175 DPS over a 5 minute fight with 20% give or take in fight length (240 - 360 seconds in length is what this means). Obviously, if your gear was enchanted, this would be higher (among other details; but sticking to simple concepts... enchanting your gear would greatly improve your sim'd results and actual results, as well).


In comparison to this, I want to specifically look at this fight: Heroic Butcher kill. Interestingly enough it was 5:09 in length. Your DPS output was 15,194. In percentages compared to perfection your output was 65%. Yes this is rather low. I would never expect anyone to be 100% but 65% is still low. (You obviously know this because you're asking for help! lol)




Alright... that's a foundation. Now let's look at the log itself. I'm not going to go over every possible approach to your log but I will cover some points that you should regularly keep in mind / look for.


The end result from you could be the fact that you died at 4:44. You weren't resurrected so you missed 25 seconds of Execute spam (which obviously affected your overall DPS).


Rend uptime was good at 97%. It was cut off at the end, obviously, due to your death.


Considering your talents, I took a look at your cast sequence concerning Colossus Smash and Storm Bolt. You obviously want to try and line these up as much as possible to get the most damage from SB. With the 10 seconds in difference I realize this can be a bit awkward at times but here's what I found:




The greenish bars are your CS debuff windows while the yellow lines are your SB casts. You can see where several did not line up. I'd try to line these up a bit better if you can. I realize, again, that it's not ideal with the CD difference of the two abilities but we try to maximize what we have. =)


I'm not going to provide a screenshot... but on Butcher (single target) you cast Sweeping Strikes 10 times. I imagine this may be due to a macro but I shouldn't have to explain why this is a waste of 100 rage.


I don't see any potion usage from you or the use of an Augment Rune (+50 Strength for 1 hour). Obviously; these things help.




These are just some fine points. Overall, I feel you have an understanding of the Arms rotation but there are several of these "fine points" that need to be adjusted to improve your overall performance. While changing one or two of these points may help just slightly - it's the improvement of them all combined that will make the big difference you're looking for.


I hope this helps and I hope it was easy enough to follow. If you should have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to look through things! (sorry about the armory)


I've gone and enchanted all my gear with crit enchants... ran out of cash for a weapon one, sadly.


I've also done a little learning about how Execute calculates its damage, so I'll be attempting to get the smaller ones that aren't empowered more often. Up till now I thought by-and-large that it wasn't worth it...


I'll get cracking on a DPS dummy right away!

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So I've been beating up on the local target dummies, and I'm averaging around 16k now, with stout runes and a battle shout. Bit of an improvement!


I also felt that it didn't really give me an accurate telling of how well my dps is, since Arms gets a nice nice boost from executes, so I decided to also do a little testing in a BRF LFR. With Whispering Crystal, a Stout rune, Food Buffs, and Raid wide buffs I was pulling a nice 18-20k on bosses such as Grull. I'm not sure if that's admissable in DPS court, but it's something!

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Some remarks about comsumables: You should always use a Greater Draenic Strength Flask instead of the Crystal, since it gives an extra 150 strength. Also use a Draenic Strength Potion in the execute phase. Runes are quite expensive and dont persist through death, so I wouldnt worry about them. If you have extra, sell them and try to get that weapon enchant.


As for the logs:


I looked at your butcher kill on the 16th: Try to use always use a Mortal Strike within the Colossus Smash window, I see up to 5 instances where you missed it. Dont spam Rend this much, it not only wastes Rage, it also causes the final burst to not proc. Get some way to track the duration of the Rend debuff, and only apply a new one when the old one has less than 5 sec left. Dont use Mortal Strike at all when the target is below 20 % and spend all your Rage on Execute and refreshing Rend.


Also you should use another trinket instead of Pol's, since Bonus Armor does nothing for Arms, or you just forgot to equip a dps trinket.

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