tier 17 opener and brf questions

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I have a couple of questions:
1: I just got tier 17 how should this affect my opener and play style?
2: Kromog: should I go ST or MT and if I go cataclysm do I always save it for the hand (the first hands happen before cata comes back from cooldown)?
3: Operator Thogar: Same cataclysm question should I always save for mobs or cast it on thogar when he is by himself?
Thanks for any advice

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A friendly reminder : do not spam topics for nothing. It's cluttering the forum.

All your questions are easily fitting any of our big threads - BRF Warlock style, 6.1 opener thread and Demo guide thread altogether.

1. Opener is pretty much the same, except you would want to use that 3rd HoG/CW charge as CW,buffed bu as many things you can - burst pots, initial procs and Dark Soul.
Delving further into fight, usage changes a bit. You don't really want for charges to overcap, due to proc. Personally, I react to situation and either use HoG with 2 charges, as usual, or (if I  feel lucky enough) wait for 2 charges, and start weaving when 3rd is around 5 seconds off cooldown.
CW usage does not change except it becomes more op. Kill everything.

2. I believe I've answered your question about Kromog in DPS thread.
Need AoE - use Cata.
Excessive AoE - don't.
You got to use it on hands only. This phase occurs, if I don't miss things, each 55 seconds. Cata on pull may lead to some issues.

3.Save it for mobs. Furthermore, save it only for ton-of-adds train - do not cast it on train where 2 big adds come.
Use your common sense. Why would you want to cast your AoE damage skill with less targets than you could?

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