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Low End Brewmaster progression LF Advice

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Hey all, I'm wanting to verify if my healers are healing me way more than necessary or am I making too many mistakes which results in them having to heal me a lot.


My tanking background has been on a DK for 3-4 months in Siege on HC mode, not Mythic. I've been the constant tank for us since WoD with my co tanks being a Paladin and BDK, when they're able to show else we pug a tank. Our healers have told me life would be a lot better if they could heal 2 plate tanks over having 1 as a monk.


Other than getting more experience, what advice would you give us for our progression, as we realize we don't exactly have an optimal raid composition.


Heroic Butcher:




Normal Beastlord:




I would like to focus the BrM but if I'm just not getting its mechanics done properly I do have a couple more tanks I can choose from if that would better fit my skill level.


Thank you for taking the time to look at our logs and here's my armory link:



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Using Serenity and had a 79% up time on Shuffle. If you're using Serenity you should have a 98%+ with a 1-3min left over at the end of the fight. Sub 80% is a major flaw in your tanking. 


You didn't let your EB cap on stacks, so that is good. The uptime looks a bit low though for the Dodge buff, that might be from you DW-ing though. 


I would skip Zen Sphere personally, the overhealing it does is REALLY high and the damage is kind of meh. Chi Burst does a load of overhealing also but the damage is better and less work to toy around with.

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Looking at Butcher [since I just did it an hour or so ago] the warriors requires 3x as much(6million more) healing as you do [because he's not using shield block/barrier or basically anything to mitigate]



9.9m healing for the warrior [4.5% by him] total needed 9.5m



8.74m healing for you [62% by you] total needed 3.2m


Your kill in general though you missed a ton of keg smash & expel harm [~10 keg smash & around 20 expel harm, more dps/healing and another 60+ chi] as you only generated 27 more than me over the fight & you got 59 "free" from serenity, so thats 30+ more purifys [see below]


jabbed too often, dropped the tiger palm buff [filler spell when you have nothing to do, missed 70+] & used some weird stuff like zen-med, crackling jade lightning & leg sweep :/


You need to purify much more often if your running serenity though [10 ilvl below you I played with chi-ex because I'm stupid, and only took 400k more damage from stagger while doing 1.5m (4k dps) more damage on the boss [1s difference in fight time] You should have enough chi to clear all moderate stagger pretty quickly but 4 times you end up in red/heavy


zen sphere is the same, you missed 10 or so casts, (only 1 on the off-tank) chi burst or chi-wave require a lot less effort and on a single target fight would both be a dps increase


A minor thing, healthstones scale with resolve so you want to "try" and use it when your actively tanking as you'll get 2 or 3x more healing from it 


Armory wise you dont have enough mastery[enchants/gems etc] , 2H is better than DW and in general  the 2H 660 mastery/crit pvp weapon would be better than the DW you have equipped because they both have trash stats & drop the mastery enchant for blackrock [or w/e the bonus armor is called] if your worried about staying alive, or mulistrike


EDIT: It seems like I mentioned a lot but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a lot easier


Pretty much Keg smash > Expel harm [if not full health] > tiger palm > jab if your going to energy cap.... End up with more dps & more chi/energy for guard/purify


I'm not great [and I was dog-shit in brf the other day] but I did have a decent run last night




Butcher fight to compare with & armory as well if you want to check gear difference or w/e




Seems to not be updating, but if it does I had 645 shoulders on for the kill & dropped the 670 from brackenspore

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Brady, thanks a lot of the detailed Butcher fight.


After uploading our logs I had noticed our pug warrior rarely used SBlock and SBar, he's been 1 of our pug mages for a while and we won't be using him as a tank after seeing the logs.


I've been working on the purifying as I've been told I was using it too much so I'll have to work on finding that medium ground.


I'll be throwing mastery on everything once I log in tonight.


Zen sphere is going away.


Leg sweep was a miss of Shift+3 for my transcendance from being knocked back and Chain Lightning was cast to at least some dmg when the boss bounded away.


Wpn wise, I'll work on the pvp at least or gather mats for the Inscription staff as we've had just no staves dropping at all for us. Our rogue got his wpns and I took the others as they dropped.


Thanks for the advice once again.

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