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[Balance] Help with DPS

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A friend of mine is having problems trying to post here, so I told her I'd post a log for her.  Hopefully it will let her comment so she can provide some more information.  She is looking for help on Beastlord, log linked below:




Here is her armory:




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Hi all,

Thanks for linking.


I have raided as a boomkin in HM and now BRF. I have been keeping up with where the logs are placing me compared to other boomkins in the logs. I am only dpsing in the low 15% I have changed things up and as a normal raider gathered higher gear. But I cant seem to get up there with the rest of you awesome boomkins. The link was our latest raid working on Beastlord. Thanks for any help you can give to this failing boomkin so she can get up to par with the majority.


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Hey alyssqanight,


shortly said, the biggest issue you have, is not having 2pc or 4pc of tier17. Your at the bottom of your itemlevel bracket because other Boomies do have it. Plus there are some other things that are also responsible for your lower dps.


Long story

Looking at gruul:

- Dotuptime only 88% Sunfire, 93% Moonfire. Dont forget to reapply your dots. Keep them uo

- Bad Starsurge usage. You had 21 ShootingStars procs but only invested 18 of them into Lunar and Solar Empowerment. Overall you had 21+3+10 = 34 Starsurges available to use.

- INC/CA/potion/trinket used combined -> good

- If this was an Guild run, tell your Bloodlust/Heroism/whatever caster to do it at pull, not after 4 secs.

- You struggeled a bit on your opener. You did Moonfire -> Starsurge -> 3x Starfire -> Starsurge. Try to Starsurge again after 2x Starfire

- you did 4 times Sunfire in a row...DPS loss. keep casting Wraths

00:00:26.098 Alyssanight casts Sunfire on Gruul arrow_right2.png 00:00:27.124 Alyssanight casts Sunfire on Gruul arrow_right2.png 00:00:28.116 Alyssanight casts Sunfire on Gruul arrow_right2.png 00:00:29.114 Alyssanight casts Sunfire on Gruul

- I saw you tried maínly to reapply Dot when entering Lunar / Solar instead of reapplying it on Eclipse peak. Thats ok. But try to reapply shortly before leaving the Eclipse, not when entering

- keep casting. e.g. you did 3,5 secs nothing after Petrified faded from you

00:02:49.431 Alyssanight is afflicted by Petrified from Alyssanight arrow_right2.png 00:02:51.554 Alyssanight's Petrified fades from Alyssanight arrow_right2.png 00:02:55.000 Alyssanight begins casting Wrath

- You did NOT macro INC/CA together -> very well

- Your 2nd use of INC/CA: you did Moonfire -> Starfire -> INC -> CAetc -> 3x Starfire -> Starsurge -> Starfire -> Moonfire.

  Please dont Moonfire shortly before INC/CA. Do Moonfire after CA, then Starsurge, then Starfire (same as opener)

- try to avoid this: 3 times you stared an Starfire cast but did not end it. Keep casting. If you cancel 1 cast cause you need to avoid CaveIn, OK, but not 3 times

00:03:55.304 Alyssanight begins casting Starfire arrow_right2.png 00:03:56.187 Alyssanight begins casting Starfire arrow_right2.png 00:03:56.777 Alyssanight begins casting Starfire arrow_right2.png 00:03:58.507 Alyssanight begins casting Starsurge



Darmac wipe 6 (12:12):

You did at 8:49 so I only checked from 00:00 to 8:48

- Dotuptime way better than at Gruul

- ShootingStars usage also better but still not perfect: You had 35 SSprocs + 3 + 17 = 55 charged available. You spend 36 on Starfall, 6 on Lunar Empowerment and 3 on Solar Empowerment (=45). You wasted 10 proccs

- 8:48 fight length until your death, but only used INC/CA twice. coulda been almost four (after 9 minutes fight lenght)

- At your opener you did Starsurge -> Starfire -> Starsurge. Please cast twice Starfire before next use of Starsurge

- Your 2nd INC/CA you used in Solar. Do not use it in Solar, Always in Lunar

- You only did Sunfire to PackBeasts. No MF dot on them. Good.

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