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Prot Paladin needs help!!!!!

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Hello i am a Prot Paladin and i have issues not for surviving but dps.

Most tanks overaggro me. i do not that much dps also aoe is sometimes a issue.

What do i wrong?

Are my talents good and glyphs?

Is my rotation not good?

Please help me


Here my Warcraftlogs from hans HC



Here my Warcraftlogs from gruul






Please give me some input.


kind regards



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Your talents and enchants look just fine. All tho you might be able to do more dps with seal twisting or Seraphim. I've been able to pull 18k dps with the build you have, even without the focused shield glyph (forgot that one).

The problem i see is that you seem to prioritise judgment over Crusader strike (51 vs. 42 uses), and you also used a Hammer of the Righteous. HP generator priotize should be something like: Avengers shield (procced) > Crusader strike > Judgement > Avengers shield > Holy Wrath > Concecration (in single target fights, and someone might correct me if i'm wrong).

To summerise: 

- Prioritise Crusader strike and avengers shield (procced) over judgment

- Use Glyph of focused shield on single target fights

- Play with seal twisting/Seraphim, and maybe also your Tier 5 talents (This might come in the expense of some survivability)

- When you're not tanking the boss, you might want to switch to seal of righteous, and maybe even when tanking him (Depends on your healers and survivability)

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I'm not sure what changes you have already done, so this may not be the most helpful.

First, there are a lot of posts right now about Prot DPS. There are some good answers out there. Take a look and see if any of that advice applies to you.

As far as priorities, it gets complicated. The reason is that Judge is on a CD, and if you cast it when it's up, it starts the cycle sooner, more HP over the fight. However, CS procs AS, so if you have an active proc, you want to dump it before CS again so you don't waste. AS doesn't generate on it's own, so the priority is such that you wanna make sure to use it before overwrite, but not at the expense of an ability that has a CD and generates HP.

HA is great for burst, but SW gives more DPS Over the course of a fight. The CD also interacts here, making HW pretty much your top priority. It also hits like a truck.

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After replying to your post i tried out a different specc to do more dps as prot pala. i ended on 21.8k dps even tho i died mid fight

I went with HA and Seraphim (Also use lights hammer, where i should've used execution sentence to do more dps), and i used Seal of the righteous instead of insigth (Which i could feel on my self healing tho). Even tho i'm mastery gemmed and we were missing haste buff i made it to 21.8k.

And as Moozedude said, SW should yield more dps than HA i think.

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thnks guys i will try things out.


But i find it hard to use my holy for seraphim and not for sor. Because we need to survive and help healers out with that and if i use my holy for sera then i dont have the sor


Do i also need to seal swap with sera or just keep rghteous up instead of insight?


if i do this is our survival then ok or terrible?


but i wil try it and look how it goes

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You no need seal swap with seraphim or Empowered Seals(ES).


ES 100% DPS talant, and you want 20% haste buff from it, not 2% heal. If you will swap seals, you will lose lot of GCD, and it will lead you to DPS Loss. Also this 20% haste will give you more HoPo per figth, and it means more SoR => higher survability and DPS. Also it's rly FUN play prot-pally with 50% haste =) It's like you have bloodlust all time, and when shaman press bloodlust... ohh...


Seraphim give you lot of stats - parry/block/armor + haste for faster HoPo generation. You shoud use it on cd, and prio it over all your spells. Ofcouse if you need save from high-dmg-ability probably better use SoR+survCD, and after ability hit you, press Seraphim. But it's all about timing, and with enough practice, you coud pull your HoPo for Sera and SoR at right time.


Aslo you coud press DivineProtection when you pull HoPo for Seraphim, if you scared of death.

But you shoudn't die from boss AA without SoR, if you do, probalby it's healers problem.

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ES w/ Rightousness is best DPS gain on that Tier, until your raidbuffed haste >= 30%. Value vastly diminishes after that, as you're GCD capped. This would be the optimal time to switch Seraphim, as it gives less haste, but more everything else.

However, with multiple targets or especially fast attacking bosses, Holy Shield actually generates an amazing amount of DPS, as well as being straight top for survival.

Finally, the big grain of salt, your personal DPS only matters if your cotank is peeling off you frequently, or your team is dying to enrage. Outside these circumstances, survival is always first and foremost our concern. Make sure you can keep tanking solo, or short heals, or both. Those are the circumstances you should be preparing for, not meter-maiding.

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