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WoD Crafting: Total stat numbers?

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Hey there,

Strangely, I wasn't able to find any post related to this question on the web:

What is the maximum possible number of total stat points for crafted items?

For example, inv_plate_draenorcrafted_d_01buckle.jpgTruesteel Waistguard of the Peerless. Stage 1/4 could be a maximum of 105 crit strike OR 105 mastery.

I say "OR" because it never goes 105+105! One of the stats is always lower for like 25% than the other. It's either could be 105crit+~74mast or 105mast+~74 crit. Never go 105crit+105mast or even close to that.

Because of this I assume there must be a total stat number for each crafted item slot and each stages. To stay on the belt mentioned above, it's around 185.

Is there any spreadsheet around where we can see how far can a stat combo go up for crafted items?
If no, is there a way to calculate the maximum total stat number for ourselves?

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You can find some sort of the answer in this way: google the item without the enchant and you will get all the possible enchants.

Like this or this

As I understand, it can't be max 1st + max 2nd secondary, only 1st + 2nd in different combinations of the numbers.

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