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[Fury] Single target DPS issues

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as a long time reader I would request your help to analyze / fix my single target dps as Fury.

I've been playing for a long time now and this is the first time I have such an issue.


Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/it/character/darksorrow/Crushx/simple


Logs from last raid: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog/b2d59a6e-96c9-4741-ba97-2d76913960bb/report/105#v=0,d=0


If you check the other bosses killed during the same raid, you may notice my performance on cleave encounters is rather decent (beastlord, thogor, kromog).

On the other hand on Gruul it was really bad (don't mind hans as i was testing arms with nothing setup on my UI).

I'm well aware some of my items are quite bad as well as my crit being a bit low, altho the dps difference compared to what I sim for is just huge.

Not sure if I have the proper build on, but for ST I usually gor for Storm Bolt, Avatar, Siegebreaker.


While we are at it i would also love to know your opinion on a gear issue. Tonight i got the heroic set shoulders, which compared to the ones i'm using are way worse, but equipping them would garant me the 2 pieces set bonus. What kind of weight should I give to more uptime to Enrage, which usually is up most of the times already?


Thanks in advance for your replies and forgive my far from perfect english which is not my native language.



Following the abilities breakdown according to sim for the same length resulting in 35043 dps set on "good":


auto_attack_mh Count=112.0

auto_attack_oh Count=112.0

avatar Count= 3.0

berserker_rage Count= 7.9

bloodthirst Count= 58.9

execute Count= 25.7

raging_blow Count= 43.3

recklessness Count= 2.0

siegebreaker Count= 6.0

storm_bolt Count= 8.1

wild_strike Count= 57.2

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Ive consistently found avatar to be less dps than bloodbath (in general). And while it seems odd, i found ravager to be good on single target, siegebreaker doesnt seem that good (and it knocks some stuff away from you), and i dont have 4 piece so anger management doesn't seem as good. (when you aren't spending rage it does absolutely nothing. Ie. running around or dealing with fight mechanics) Storm bolt vs dragon roar seems like a moot point, since they both contribute very little dps in the big picture, but i find dragon's roar to be the go to talent.
I assume you like avatar since you have scabbard? app that is viable as long as you use them together, but i have never tested it.
2 piece seems nice so id probably use it, but 4 piece seems really good so you'll probably use the tier you have as soon as you hit 4 piece for sure.

Anyway , my 5 cents. Not that im pro or anything.

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