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[MW] 9th percentile...need help analyzing logs

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So I've recently started mistweaving, and I am having a lot of issues keeping up with the other mistweaver in my guild. (on this pull he is below me because he died very early) I realize I could inflate my numbers a lot if I used revival more, but the raid leader calls for healing cds when he wants them. I also save life cocoon for when tanks dip, and i feel like that is more important than meter. Unfortunately, I've been benched for my low heals, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I'm no expert at analyzing logs so I can't be much help on that side of things.


Have you spoken to the other MW? Is he doing things very different from yourself? I would look to drop the Auto-Repairing Autoclave trinket as soon as possible as it is absolutely terrible for MW. Other than getting +50 gems there isn't a lot you can do with regards to getting better stats on the gear until things drop for you.


I am usually lagging behind the other healers in our group in terms of numbers by a % or two (again due to the fact I don't use revival that much unless its absolutely necessary), but you should still be able to offer a contribution to your healer setup.

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Only way you going to get a respectable rank seriously it to not be 5/6 healing trivial content [beastlord ? ] you have a healer for every 2.5 DD & until you get to kromog/maidens/blast furnace theres no chance there is that much damage to heal, its a free for all & thats why every1 is 50-70% overheal and all the ranks are in the bin


Thogar as example, 139k HPS [23.1k each] 168k HPS Overheal [28k each] means 3 of you could have been playing dps 


You dont drop below 95% mana the whole fight(because your fistweaving) , while the other monk is oom & both the paladin & druid need to use mana potions 

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It's quite easy to do well on a mistweaver on most bosses.



From your logs it's pretty much down to not using RJW nearly enough (You have 1.9k spirit so...) you should be able to get 14-15 casts of it off at least. It's your burstiest raid heal, in your gear probably about 250k over 5 seconds. So 50k hps as a standalone.

36% overhealing on it and never pressing it. Should be sub 10% overhealing.


Also you revivaled once on a fight you could have done it 2-3 times. They can't not call for you biggest heal and then say you do low healing.


Are you lining up you PoM stacks with the breaths, and other aoe's on various bosses. Floating from 2-3 generates the same chi per minute as using ReM on cooldown does. Except by sitting on 2 stacks you're able to blanket pre aoe straight into RJW/Uplift Spammage.


And of course if you need chi for an uplift just surging someone. You have the mana for it.



These are my parses on Kro hc. Note the RJW spammage. You can see I hit 100k HPS at points in each fight without revival. And thats basically just going full ham with a rem blanket, RJW & uplifts in a 10 second window.



If you look at other bosses so far as mistweaving. I fistweave in Hc clear a lot.

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You can fit another revival into that fight. Make sure your raid leader knows that all healing CDs should be used throughout the fight multiple times.


You didn't use your tier 2 talent at all. I recommend chi burst. It should be about 5-8% of your healing.


You can cast uplift way more times than you actually did. Make sure you are managing chi. Less enveloping mists more uplifts. Your healing could be a lot better if you get some tank healers so you don't have to spot the tanks.


Rushing Jade Wind is amazing. You should be able to manage your mana regen if you are constantly using your chi. Don't forget to bring along mana pots just in case too.


Finally, make sure you are prioritizing multistrike items.

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