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Couple of burn phase questions

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So sometimes in a burn phase due to a lucky streak of procs I can stay in the burn phase for what seems like forever hovering around the 65-75% area. This can especially be the case if it's a burn without Time Warp.

Does there become a point where it is detrimental to continue trying to burn to 50%, rather than Evoc to get 93% mana?

Essentially is there a rule of thumb time period (20 seconds for example) that the burn phase should usually take


My other question is based around Darmac's on hit Haste trinket.

Will waiting for the proc to do a PC/AP burn prove more valuable than using it on CD regardless of whether the trinket has proc'd?








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Yeah ideally you don't want to burn too long to avoid de-syncing your dps cooldowns from Evocation. I think 20 or so seconds is a decent rule of thumb. In fact, the reason behind the "only use am above 70% mana" rule is just that: make sure the burn phase doesn't become too long and evo isn't 30+ seconds after PC/AP.


RPPM trinkets like Darmac's are pretty unpredictable so no, you shouldn't wait for them to AP/PC. You'd need a trinket with fixed ICD being close to done for that to be worth it, much like we did with PBoI during Siege for example.

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Not sure if this counts as necro'ing/thread hijacking but here goes:

I just started playing arcane and was wondering about the burn phase as well..

I set a TMW Icon to show up when my Evocation cooldown is at or below 20 seconds, this would prompt me to enter the burn phase (and therefore pop Arcane Power as soon as I hit 4 stacks of Arcane Charge).

Isn't it incredibly wasteful to just let Arcane Power sit on cooldown cause you apparently only want to burn when Evocation is at or below 20 seconds?

I find Arcane is one of the first specs that really has me scratching my head, as I'm very much a min-max kind of person, always wanting to top the meters if at all possible, but with Arcane I am just so lost. Any and all advice would be appreciated!


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