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Holy Priest Help

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Hi everyone!


Warcraft log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/NBbRxndm2hfTWg4q/


Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/es/character/dun-modr/Van%C3%AElle/simple


I have to say that im feeling a bit sad about my holy priest. The RL and healers said that the disc is op atm and that i shouldnt play holy :/


I think i could do better HPS overall and i would like to improve, could you guys give me advice smile.png?


I dont know if its just that im terrible or holy is not doing fine or whatever..


Thx guys smile.png


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Hiya, Coussin the disc priest here, was holy for a while until the disc priest in my raid died of boredom.


After looking at the logs for your raid, my honest opinion:


Your Raid Lead probably doesn't play/understand healers, and you run WAY too many healers in your raid. 6 healers for 21 players is too high. You guys are basically on a snipe race to not look too bad on the meters. Disc looks op in your raid, because they can't get sniped. Switch that guy for a MW monk, a resto druid, or another holy priest, and watch as you all look bad and try to snipe one another.


You are honestly doing fine, even more than fine, if I look at a fight where you look like you're the better player. On your Blast Furnace kill, you hit a whopping 50k hps, so there's no reason not to realize that when there is a window in which they need you to deliver, you're there to do it.


My solution? There is no real good solution. My raid runs 5 heals for 20-24 players (and the holy priest does fine), so I guess either one healer goes to dps, or your raid lead accepts that he's running a lot of healers and that the kills are happening anyway.

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