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Which trinket for BM?

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I think Simcraft would undervalue on use trinkets, so, simply, 670 BHotM or 670 SoD with a socket?


Also, is it better to stack BHotM with BW or 5 stack FF?



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wow unbelievable...


I was asking about real value of the on-use effect, but I guess it doesn't matter since it's ahead anyway.


I assume that these sims are for single target?


Single-target which doesn't exist outside Gruul in gear that nobody has on a fight length that does not exist on any of the single-target fights which assumes that you are an Orc which I guess is great for Orcs but completely misleading for everyone else because of Blood Fury interaction and scaling with cooldown periods.


The sims in my guide suffer from the fight length, too, but try to at least consider the instance, the fact that not everybody is an Orc with gear that is fairly common and non-outrageous.

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