How do i find out what trinkets/items are BiS for healers?

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I was always wondering if you can determine what items are BiS for heal classes.


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Hello, causevha.


Well, you can determine BiS items for the heal specs in the same way as for the others - inputting stat weights into AMR or any other addon that can show a BiS gear list relying on your stats input (or using your own logic and a list of boss drops). Healing specs have their best secondaries just like dps or tanks.

The only difference you can see from a 'standard' is for the slots that could contain Spirit gear. Here every healer decides for themselves the amount of comfortable Spirit to keep. So for these slots there could be two kinds of BiS: Spirit (mana) or Throughput.


If I didn't understand your question right, you are welcome to detail what exactly did you mean.

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