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SMF DPS help

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Hello all you warriors!


I seem to having an issue, either real or perceived.  With the 5 ilvl increase im sitting at an ilvl of 683.  I seem to only rarely be able to pull 30k dps single target.  This doesn't sit well with me.  To make matters worse the good old logs of at AMR say that I'm only at the 20-30%tile dps for my gear.  Thats low.  Ive read guides, talked to other fury warriors and incorporated their advice with marginal results.  So I am now turning to you fine folk who understand logs bette than I do.


Just a little bit on my experience, if it matters.  I was a tank until 6.0, but due to schedule fluctuations decided to go DPS when WOD dropped.



logs:http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-5ily9shbo1i0ikah/details/1/?s=532&e=818(gruul H)

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/M6DVYfXdtxWqpG7k#fight=3&type=damage-done&source=2(gruul H)

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/9anMV4D31QzFZA7g#type=damage-done&source=21(iron maidens H)

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/30114/(general logs)



thanks in advance!

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Scratching my head at the +30 Crit enchant on a Mythic ring and +75 Crit enchant on a HWF neck. But that's minor.


There are several aspects of your play that are excellent: efficient use of Rage, punctual usage of major cooldowns, and good usage of procs. I think your major issue is Enrage uptime. On your H Gruul kill, Enrage was down for obnoxiously large amounts of time, and you maybe weren't aggressive enough with using Berserker Rage. It's on a short cooldown, so I prefer to waste it and have a BT crit 3 seconds later rather than sit through any downtime.

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Play with mark of the thunderlord and anger management/bloodbath for gruul.

That alone will help your dps a lot.

+ your enrage has less than 80% uptime so the crit procs from thunderlord will probably fix that.


On iron maidens I'd spec Arms but if you want fury I'd recommend getting bladestorm / angermanagement or ravager, whichever you prefer.

Also you have the same problem there. 65% uptime on enrage is not that good to be honest.

Most of the enrage issue will probably be fixed with gear and enchants but it's something to be aware of ;-)

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Thanks for the input so far! Ive upgraded my enchants and have been less stingy with berserker rage, and even though its just in LFR i've noticed a 5-10K dps bump.  Im sure some of it is just LFR, but i was attempting to actually do the mechanics so i would get a realistic look at my dps.  


Keep the advice coming! Ill keep listening and keep getting better!

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