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Virtual Talent is looking for high ranked Hearthstone players

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Hi, I'm the manager of Virtual Talent. Right now we only have LoL and CS:GO teams so we're trying to branch out into other big e-sports games. We are currently looking for high ranked (preferably Legend) Hearthstone players.  At the moment we are already in talks with a player who has reached Legend 4 times and has already done well at multiple LANs.

We are one of the smaller organization from mainland Europe but what we lack in size we make up with professionalism and experience. We are crossing over from console to PC gaming. We sold our other organization to help fund the PC branch of our company. We can offer some funding such as team tickets, hotels and travel but are unable to fund a gaming house for the time being. Our website is currently in Beta, but we plan on hosting online free to play and pay to play tournaments, as well as in-house leagues and tournaments. We also offer a more casual approach to our fans and players, in the form of community teams. We are sponsored by multiple companies such as Razer, Noscope Glasses and Cinch Gaming. Our website is fairly active at the moment but we plan on expanding it and helping our teams and players grow as we do.


What can you expect from us:

- The ability to practice, analyse and deckbuild with high ranked teammates;

- Professional and experienced management;

- Fast developing and growing organization;

- Funding for pay to play tournaments;

- Funding for LAN once you have achieved our expectations;

- Exposure from our social media;

- Exposure from our website;

- Exposure from our tournaments;

- Exposure from our stream and youtube;

- Gaming products and gear, once sponsors supply us with those;

- A private voice chat channel;

- Team apparel e.g. jerseys & hoodies;

- Coaching and analysts;

- Multi gaming;

- Discounts on our sponsor's services;

- Media attention;

- Graphic and web designer.


What we expect from you:

- Willing to work with teammates and a coach/analyst;

- 16+;

- Respectful;

- Previous LAN experience is a plus;

- Being able to stream is a plus;

- Working gear and microphone;

- Motivated to play inside an organization and willing to respect organization rules;

- Participate in major tournaments and qualifiers;

- A professional attitude;

- Mature behavior;

- Serious approach to practice and to play official games;

- Regularly scheduled practices;

- Consistent activity in online competitions;

- Willing to sign a fair contract.


Website: www.virtualtalent.org

Twitter: @_VirtualTalent

Email: VirtualTalent.info@gmail.com

Skype: Louiscorps_


For further information please visit our website www.virtualtalent.org or view our contact details above. We look forward to hearing from you.


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