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Stone of Fire

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I got just 1 short question.


Is Stone of Fire really that good for BM?


Vers. on the Item is the weakest stat for us.


Why BM don't get Doublesided Coin to control the bursts?


greetings Grom

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Hello, I wanted to answer you right away because may be it will take time for more experienst people to give an answer.


According to simulations done by Azortharion (find his guide on icy veins here or simply google it up), stone of fire is not particulary good for BM. It looses dps to most of top trinkets including double sided coin.

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Stone of Fire is too low in the sims, was fixed in a later SimC version which I'll rerun sims with in the coming days. Check the other specs where it's higher. It's roughly where it'll be for BM. It's an Agility proc so no specs really prefer it more than others.

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