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Holy help needed

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Hello i would love to have some help with my holy priest.


My gear: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/player/eu/twisting_nether/novaly


Combat log for our farm raid: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog/33e5d92b-c7b6-4f4c-8e1a-f98390482843/overview


Combat log for our progression raid:http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog/6b891062-5b77-4ec6-ac59-80ae44ed9e5c/overview


The progression raid looks really bad.


The thing i feel like i am having the most problems with is since having 4 set i dont fully know if i should start using PoH more/go for CoP. If so should i start stacking mastery over haste.


I think my logs for our farm raids are pretty good, but i want to improve. Do other holy priests change talents based on what boss? And if sowhat talents do you use on what bosses?


At this point i feel that any help would be welcome.



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I watched some of your progresslogs. Im gonna give some advice about glyphs and talents without knowing if those showing on mrrobot was for the tries.


- i would suggest using cascade due to ppl not being stacked up.


-try out glyphing renew and USE it, its always my top heal

General playstyle

-Use RENEW it is one of the best spells out there

-change your chakra depending on the phase of the fight. RENEW all within range and CoH+cascade PoM on tanks on CD.

-put down well before fight starts to be able to use it more during the fight

-use hymn as a oh shit Button and call for fox if you have to move during the channel

-im glad you have the well glyphed.


-Glyph renew and use ALOT. On furnace everyone will take alot of dmg

-if your job is to heal the raid, use chakra of sanctuary, spam RENEW to be able to cast those pretty CoH more often and use PoM and cascade on CD.

Good Luck with your progress


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Thank you for your help so far, I have been using cascade like always and only changed to for this fight because we actually do stack up mostly. I could try switching back, but i thought since it has no cast time it might be nice to be able to cast 1-2 extra renews during this.


I have glyph of renew always active, and im trying to transition to using more renews it just always feel that my renew can get like 1-2 ticks in before that person is already fully healed.


I use hymm when needed and pretty much on CD and same goes for lightwell it goes down before pull and gets back up then off CD.


I would like to know abit more about stat prio after 4 set, is it worth to go for it if your not going to be using prayer of healing/heal. Or should i POH/heal asap when i got 2 serendipity stacks.


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I'm abit unsure about stat prio, but i have started to go for HASTE to get more heals ouf of renews and a shorter gcd. I only got 2-set so far myself but I am using PoH when the shits is going down. I have glyphed binding heal and uses it to get the serendipity stacks and at 2 stacks i use PoH, this is only during large chunk of aoe dmg such as Kromogs stone breath or the last blasts in furnace. 


If you are not running out of mana on blast furnace you can try the Twist of Fate talent in tier5 instead of Power Infusion, those 15% extra is really solid. And since there should always be a heal from you ticking on a friend thats below 35% somewhere you are gonna have the buff almost all the time. It also works like a charm on Gruul, Oregorger, Kromog where ppl take som burstdmg. 


I also realised that you are specced into Clarity of Purpose instead of Words of Mending in you tier7 but hardly use it at all, (its roughly 0-5% of your healing done on the fights) Words of Mending is almost a must have when you got 2-set and upwards since each PoM got 9stacks.

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Heya and welcome!


Just a few quick answers and suggestions.  Holy 4pc works great with DI.  Your uptime on ToF on just your Heroic kills is only high enough on Oregorger to make it worthwhile, even over PI on CD.  If you didn't have 2pc I would suggest PI but w/ 2 and 4 tier bonus for Holy, DI and use Heal/PoH for fishing procs w/ proper mana usage.  Cascade should always be taken in that tier of talents, not sure if Devs are just getting revenge on DS for being OP in SoO but until it gets buffed Cascade will win out, even on stacked fights.  Your L100 talent question about CoP is an easy, No.  Even w/ the CoP 20% buff it is still not worth taking over WoM.  It was tested w/ 2pc and 4pc, w/ and w/o DI and the Heal per mana gained w/ the tier bonuses just negated anything Holy hoped to get out of the CoP buff.  Don't start stacking Mastery, you will get more out of MS and Haste.  More so out of Haste if you do not have 2pc and they are extremely close w/ 2pc and beyond.  Last I saw at 6.1 launch Mylior thoerycrafting spreadsheet had them w/i 9% of each other for output.


WCLogs give a better representation of output, playstyle, mana management than AMR.  And infinitely more people use WCL and are better at reading their logs.  Upload to them next time and you might get a few more people to chime in to see if they catch something that can help you out.  The more eyes you can get on your logs the greater the chance you'll come across suggestions that will work for you, your comp, playstyle, etc.


GL with the changes.  Let us know which you implement and show us a WCL this lockout.  Look forward to seeing another update!

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Wel i have made the changes, made myself a weakaura for serendipity stacks. So when ever its on 2 i use either PoH or Heal depending on how many people need healing.


I think my healing improved, sadly our warcraft logger didnt manage to logg well.


But i got another Mr robot one and ill logg sundays raid hopefully with warcraft.




So let me know what you think further.



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