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Underperforming fury, help appreciated.

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Warcraft logs: (pick whatever fight you think is appropriate to look at.)



Not sure if im maintaining the "rotation in the heat of the fight:

My aim:

Keep enrage up (Blood thirst + Berserker rage)

Consume Sudden death procs

Procced Wildstrike

Raging Blow

Wild Strike 

AOE: (Ravager + Bladestorm+ Stack meatcleaver, raging blow, enrage as appropriate)

Glyphs: Enduring rage, Enraged speed, Swap out slot
Talents: Ravager(most fights), Blade storm/Bloodbath, Sudden Death.

Maybe i wild strike too often and not have the rage i need at the right time? I also probably don't align all the cd's at the same time properly?


Any help would be great :).



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- yes you use ws when your rage is 55+ without a procc..only proc or rage 100+


- also in the gruul fight you use it when you  are not enraged for a longer time..fail..2 times in this fight 13sec no enrage...CDs you use very nice it was bad luck really bad luck..For this time keep cool and wait; or use it only on ragecap.Extreme boring when enrage still off for longer time.for this time press the camerazoombutton and watch the ceiling or people in your raid..can be very funny:-)


- your powerfull cdmanagement looks nice in this log(reck,bloodbath,pot)


- dont´frighten when all procs avaiable  abrupt.you have enough time to manage it...you dont have a 6sec window to use all of spells likes mop or so.. wait one sec


sry for my english its not my mainlang



here the link to the warcraftlogs with graphs when you enable it there


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I think you hold off too much on using BT. Just comparing my logs to yours and I notice you only have 8 more BT casts, but your parse lasted over a minute longer. It might sound weird, but it's usually worth using BT on cooldown almost without even thinking about it. The exceptions are generally like so: A. SD procs, 2xRB procs (more an issue with the set), and Execute w/o being Enraged.


Other than that, though I might be missing something, it's good practice to just use it basically on cooldown.

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Thank you guys, the feedback is appreciated.

OK, so chill with the WS's a little.
Ill try to manage the order of my spells better when they all proc. ( I think this has to do with my ws use so these to are tied in)

I do try to cast BT very often, but i suspect then i must have missed some due to clearing out procs maybe, ill pay closer attention to it.

II still feel like im massively underperforming tho and the advise you guys are proposing surely wouldnt make that much of a difference?

Also i seem to fail on H+F + kromog , and my dps is normally lower on oregorger due to phase 2. Any tips on those 2 ?

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