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General End Game Guide?

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I'm not sure who does the guides for IV, but I really appreciate them and I think you (or you all) do a great job!

I was wondering if you could possibly create a farming/gearing up for t6 guide?

I know the basic concepts of rifting, bounties, blood shards to avoid cap, blah blah.

But could you create some more specific strategies?
Like when should I increase the difficulty for better farming efficiency?
How to get a RoRG since it's a great item for almost any character (I know this is gotten from Act I cache but not everyone knows that).

Is the pity timer still a thing? How can I use that to my advantage?

... Actually idk if that's what it's called. I had heard there's a mechanic in the game that increases your legendary drop rate based on the amount of time since you last obtained a legendary item. 


Also, I think a strategy guide would be interesting (maybe a separate guide from the farming). 

With seasons being introduced and all the gear changes in patch 2.2, I think there are going to be more options for different play styles to emerge and more opportunities to try out builds. 

I am the kind of person that looks up a build because I need something to go off of.

But a guide that gave pointers on how to create an effective build would be great.

Much like how there's a hearthstone guide for how to build your own deck with its own strategy. 


Maybe these are dumb things to ask, idk, I'm not an avid D3 player but I think that might change with some of the new updates and if guides like these were available I would definitely have a more rewarding D3 experience. 


Any thoughts on this? Good idea? Bad idea? Other Suggestions?

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Look at the recent "Play your way" articles on the Battle.net Diablo page. Try out one of the suggested specs if it looks viable to you and enjoy. I used the Demon Hunter spec and blazed through 1-70 on a season 2 character. And when I retooled my wizard, I no longer had issues with the Malthiel encounter.


I'm not a very avid D3 player either, but it really does make for a nice break from grinding garrisons in WoW, and those articles helped me enjoy the game even more.

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We're going to have general farming guides for Level 70 very soon. I'm just waiting on Deadset to finish a few more before publishing them and reorganising the menus.

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@Belicosa. Thank you so much for the advice. That is definitely a really helpful resource. However, they don't really cover the best ways to obtain the gear recommended. Also, I am the type that likes to either take meta builds and modify them or create something completely new. Either way, these all require grinding and I'm looking for ways to make that more efficient. :)


@Damien. Alright, well I'm very excited to see what you guys come up with!

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