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Windwalker monk needs help with DPS.

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Hey guys,

So i've been struggling trying to find ways to improve my dps. The icy veins dps guide helped a lot, but i'm still lagging pretty far behind the gold medal standard that i know is capable with this class.  I was hoping that some people might be able to help me improve, as i have no real resources in the game itself.  I don't really know any monks, and the one other in my raid isn't really any better than me.

So i guess here's all the info i have :

Character : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/skywall/Liromy/simple

Ask Mr Robot Logs : https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog/player/us/skywall/liromy

Rotation : I try to stick to the rotation suggested in the icy veins guide.  I usually start out with a flying serpent kick, start with jab as my default chi builder (using expel harm when i am not at 100% health), then a tiger palm, rising sun kick, blackout kick, chi wave when its cooldown is up.  In between i just try to keep the debuff from rising sun kick and tiger palm active, and try to use everything else on cooldown. I use tigereye brew when it reaches 10 stacks, and chi brew when i find myself low on my resource.

I know my timing needs work... my biggest problem is that i DO hit the maximum chi sometimes and i don't always use my abilities right when my cooldown is up... And i need to use my chi brew more effectively.  I also sometimes forget about my tigereye brew and it will stack to 20, I tend to sometimes hold off on using it cause i try to use it in conjunction with my fists of fury (not sure if i really should be doing that). I don't know if this would account for my underperformance entirely, but i really feel like i'm doing my raid a disservice at this point when i should be performing much better.  Any kind of help you might be able to suggest would be greatly appreciated.

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Ideally you want to start a fight with as many Chi as possible.. You do this by using expel harm OCD when not in combat. Then as far as your open it should look sometime like= (Assumming you start with at least 3 chi).. RsK-Tiger Palm-Pop CDs/Chi Brew- Black out kick until you get 9- 10 tigerseye brew (should only be like 2-3)- Then FoF- Refresh Tiger Palm - Jab - Serenity - Spam Blackout kick/RsK- (Should get close to 10 tigerseye brew before/close to when yer done).. Pop it- Prioritize RsK debuff> Tiger Palm debuff/buff w/e>FoF>RsK>lvl 30 talent>BK.. Until you are getting energy starved then pop energizing brew (which isn't too long after unless you lust at start).. After that just follow priority list.. You really should never have more than 4 chi if possible and never be eneergy capped. You want to try to line up tigerseye brew with FoF/Serenity/Energizing Brew as much as possible, doesn't always work though.. Also.. IMO you should never get above 15-17 tigersbrew, as sometimes you can get 3 to proc at one time and anything after is wasted.. Better to use it with nothing than let it go to waste. ATM chi wave is lacking behind zen sphere, but only if you can manage the zen sphere on 2 targets really well, meaning you use it OCD and both targets are near boss/w/e needs to go down. Another thing I can tell is you're not using Storm, Earth, and Fire.. Should be used whenever there is cleave damage to be done.. IE your twins fight. Go to curse.com and search "Storm, Earth, and Fire" and try out the addon with the same name. It tracks where your clones are so you don't mistakenly forget or accidently target their target. Also there are a few mouse over macro's that will help you so you don't have to manually target enemys to get a clone on them.

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