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I need to know if I can play BM with the current gear I have and I had a few questions Is surv just that bad now these days. I dont have a two set for BM so not sure about being able to play the spec 

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8/16 of your pieces are actually on the BIS list for BM hunter, so you should be fine with going BM.

But without Tier pieces (and even with them) the speccs perform pretty much the same. BM strengths lies in the burst AoE and the strong set bonusses.

Multistrike isn't a bad stat for BM (see azortharions guide), all tho mastery and haste are better:


  1. Agility                      1.00

  2. AttackPower            0.90

  3. MainHandDps         0.86

  4. Multistrike               0.48

  5. Mastery                   0.47

  6. CriticalStrike           0.42

  7. Versatility                0.42

  8. Haste                      0.40



  1. Agility                       1.00

  2. AttackPower            0.90

  3. MainHandDps         0.62

  4. Haste                       0.55

  5. Mastery                   0.49

  6. CriticalStrike           0.42

  7. Multistrike               0.41

  8. Versatility                0.40


Universal (recommended):

  1. Agility                       1.00

  2. AttackPower            0.90

  3. MainHandDps         0.74

  4. Mastery                   0.48

  5. Haste                       0.47

  6. Multistrike               0.45

  7. CriticalStrike           0.42

  8. Versatility                 0.41

So you could go BM with your current enchants and gems and try it out, but in your current gear BM and SV should perform the same, with BM being better in AoE Burst.

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Well I do have a tier helm in my bag and a dragonscale trinket and boots in my bag for BM I just didnt know if I need to switch my chants to mastery for it to perform better 

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