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Should I got MM? Looking for advice.

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Hi zvr,


first of all: the armory doesn't show your correct ilvl cause it hasn't been updated with the 5ilvl-increase. As for playing MM: Sure why not. As a second specc though. If you only want to play 1 specc SV might be a better choice. MM has close to no ae dmg and will therefore perform pretty bad at some of the brf encounters. Looking at your armory and boss kills it should be easy to get gear for 2 speccs. Still.. you're missing out if you don't play BM. On encounters like blast furnace BM's burst is just op. And what does "you just don't 'feel' BM" even mean? You just have to practice a little bit..well like with any other specc.

Generally speaking, I think with tier-items and your trinkets/weapon you can play pretty much anything you want without worrying too much for your gear.



If you don't want to play bm at all and you only want to play 1 specc just stick with SV.

If you might consider BM and only want to play 1 specc go BM.

If you consider 2 speccs but dont want to play BM go SV and MM (well not too many choices left :P)

If you decide to play 2 speccs and you consider BM go BM and MM.


I think you should rather think about why you don't "feel" BM... I mean except if you just really don't want to play it.


But...this is just my opinion (based on Azortharion's guide).

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